Wednesday , May 23, 2018

Water shortage grips Tuba sitios

RESIDENTS near Philex Mining Corporation are calling for additional water supply.

With only one pumping station covering seven sitios in Camp 3, Tuba, Benguet, the need for potable water continues to rise in the area which is used by around 70 households.

Affected sitios include Alang, Junction,Bastian, Alapang, Torre, Giwi, and Macalbeng with more or less 10 households per sitio.

Segundo Pedro, resident of Alapang said with the seven sitios relying only on one pumping station, even their farms are affected by the water shortage.

Most residents of the seven sitios venture into farming producing gabi, ginger, beans, sweet potato, and cabbage which require abundant water supply.

Although the water supply in the area is continuous seven days a week for two hours, Pedro said every household have drums and buckets to store water. But when the pump overheats, they also expect a delay in the delivery of water.
"Once they have released the pump going to tanks, it takes more or less than one hour but it is not enough for the 10 households here in Alapang," added Pedro.

Juanito Aliado, 65, born and raised in Alang had high hopes mining would ease poverty. However, the effect was not felt and is believed to be the cause of the diminishing supply of water in all the seven sitios.

Aliado said the mining company's subsidence area was formerly the source of water supplying sitio Alang and nearby sitios.

"The subsidence area of Philex have many residents before but families were displaced when the mining operation started," Aliado said.

The current water source provided by the mining company is not sustainable added Aliado.

In 2015, they sought the help of Tuba officials, however, they have not received additional water pump to suffice their supply.

The residents remain bullish however, their clamor for additional water supply would be granted soon with all the seven sitios benefiting.