Sunday , May 27, 2018

Have a sensible diet

INDEED, there is a sensible diet, probably it cannot be called an ideal diet, otherwise, people would start thinking, the diet protocol fits everybody's needs.

With due respect to proponents of diet fads -- which come in abundance especially at the start of every New Year as part of their resolutions, your columnist does not claim to have the final say -- himself on the heavy side, an understatement -- but rather the result of talks, interviews with experts like the dietitians in our hospital, the nutritionist instructors in our universities and Rehabilitation Medicine specialists.

Dr. Romeo Abiog, Baguio's original and foremost physiatrist strongly recommends to those who suffer from osteoarthritis -- rayuma to lose weight because it is the weight bearing joints that are affected most, name it, ankle, knees, shoulder and obviously, aside from their exercise regimen, there is a dietary management that goes with it.

First, know how much calories do you need on a daily basis. Most of our textbooks in medicine uses a 70 kg adult male as a standard example by which norms are established. Aside from that, the amount of physical activity as part of daily living is also essential whether it is mild, moderate or strenuous. So from the gender, weight and physical activity, the total caloric requirement per day is computed. For example a 70 kg male doctor who needs to pace the corridor of the hospital, taking the stairs to an upper floor or run to another building where the charity ward is located; 70 times 35 ( for moderate activity) thus he needs 2450 calories to "energize" him or to provide him the energy to do his usual daily chores. On the other hand, a CEO who is picked up at doorstep of his mansion by his limousine, dropped off in front of his corporate building, wakes a few steps, takes the elevator and glides into his air conditioned office, hardly any physical exertion - 70 times 30 equals 2100 calories only; whereas a carpenter or a farmer who works all day would fetch a total daily calorie of 2700 (70 times 40 calories).

As a rule, females' daily calorie requirement is lower by 5 calories per kilogram weight.

Once the calorie count is done, there is now the so-called food exchange, which is the expert domain of your dietitian and nutritionist because they can tell you how much calories a medium sized banana would give or the significant increase of calories, from a simple boiled rice to yummy delicious fried rice or from a hard-boiled egg to a fried sunny-side up.

As to where the calories come from is also important. Traditionally, 50% of the total calorie should be from the carbohydrates, protein needs would be computed as 1 gram per kilogram weight thus for the 70 kilogram adult male, 70 grams which if computed for calories would be 70 times 4 calories equals 270 calories. Thus whatever remains, after apportioning calories sourced from carbohydrates and proteins, whatever remains is from fat.

At this juncture, please allow your columnist to cite a common mistake of folks wanting to reduce and achieve healthy weight. They know that fruits and veggies are good for health and so they fill up their plate with salads plus the dressing would amount to their computed daily caloric requirement. From the example, the person has achieved the correct calorie restriction but not from the correct different sources of the total calories.

The advocacy slogan of Go, Grow and Glow taken in its simplest practical form means Go from energy - carbohydrates and fats, Grow is from proteins, Glow is from fruits and vegetables which provide the vitamins, minerals, trace elements which when all present would lead to a sound nutrition and optimum well-being of a healthy individual. By the way, don’t forget the water. Bon appetit!