Sunday , May 27, 2018

Exec: Baciwa hasn’t receive BBWI billing statement

BACOLOD City Water District (Baciwa) general manager Juliana Carbon said Friday she has not yet received a copy of the statement of accounts from the Bacolod Bulk Water Inc. (BBWI).

Carbon said that as of January 19, her office has not gotten hold of the recommendation to pay BBWI, but it will be tackled by the project management team headed by assistance general manager for operations Jenelyn Gemora with the finance department.

BBWI chairman Ryan Yapkianwee had earlier said they already sent the Baciwa statement of accounts for the two-month period, but the water district has not paid them yet for the water delivery to the Injection Point 1 in Barangay Granada since October 2017.

Yapkianwee said t hat Baciwa failed to pay them because of some issues that they need to resolve first like the water delivery injection point issue.

Carbon countered that the Baciwa management has nothing to resolve because Baciwa is already extending help to BBWI so they can deliver water.

“BBWI should comply with the provision of the contract to deliver the water to the reservoir in Purok Loygoy, Barangay Granada," Carbon said.

In October last year, the Board of Directors had approved a resolution allowing the BBWI to interconnect their pipepline to the existing 600-mm diameter pipeline of Baciwa at Burgos-Granada Road junction going to the 9,842-cubic meter concrete reservoir in Purok Loygoy.

The interconnection of the pipeline is only temporary and the BBWI was given six months to put in place their pipelines from the water treatment plants towards the reservoir.

“After six months, the BBWI water delivery must be to the reservoir," Carbon said.

The contract states that from the water treatment plant, the water supply has to go through the reservoir where Baciwa’s water meter is located before it goes to its water pipes.

Injection Point 1 or the Ngalan Water treatment plant in Bangga Bagol, Barangay Granada has been supplying more than 15,000 cubic meters of bulk water per day to Baciwa. BBWI delivers it to Baciwa with a rate of P8.85 per cubic meter.

Carbon said that as long as there is no audit problem, everything is in order, and there is a recommendation to pay, the management will pay because there is a budget for it.