Thursday , May 24, 2018

Limpag: Sinulog sports

THERE are no sports events during the Sinulog grand parade but if you’re someone like me, who has get to the office that happens to be in the middle of the darn parade, knowing a few sports moves will help you.

Endurance sport. No, I can’t do any marathon nor even a 10K but for the endurance test that is known as the annual Sinulog trek to the office, I manage to outlast some stragglers. With the roads closed, brisk walking is an essential part of that taken-for-granted sector during the Sinulog, the guys who have to work.

Yesterday, I tried to cross Gen. Maxilom. Big mistake. So many people and I had to turn around. Found a habal-habal driver to take me to Taboan and walked to the office along P. del Rosario the rest of the way.

Martial Arts. Though I’ve seen a lot of boxing events, I can’t say that I’m good at boxing. But yesterday, I was good enough to dodge a few selfie sticks, and managed to steer clear, too, of those idiots who love to paint people. Sure they go for the girls or people their age, but these people don’t want face paint to and evade them, and in a tight crowd, that starts a rather nasty “crowd wave.”

Until next year’s street circus.

SINULOG CUP. As a first attempt to restore commercial basketball in Cebu, the Sinulog Cup was quite a success. It’s been years since we’ve seen commercial basketball.

There was an attempt to put up an MBA-type sort of tournament that would have been backed by ABS CBN that plans for that died down. That would have been great for Cebu basketball.

After the Sinulog Cup, it’s the turn of the Gov. Davide Cup, a 21-under tournament that was a big hit last year. Before the basketball version takes off, it will have the women’s volleyball tournament, which attracted 28 teams.

Not bad for a revival.

I know some of the Cebuana stars playing in Manila got their start in the Gov Cup years back and it’s great that the sport is getting much needed attention. It’s good too that the organizers know that some of the players are in college and schedule their event way ahead of the local collegiate tournament.

It pays to respect the schedule of other leagues.