Wednesday , May 23, 2018

A quick retreat at Cavanico Il Mare

CAVANICO Il Mare in Samal Island provides a comfortable respite from the heat and hubbub of the city.

What I love about the popular Samal Island, aside from it being super near (like 15-20 minutes away from the city), is that it's SUPER NEAR.

Just recently, I went on an overnight vacation in the island because I needed some mid-week rest and relaxation. Totally normal.

Right after work, I took a cab going to Sasa Wharf, and rode a ferry to Samal island where I was greeted with local drivers, asking if I needed a ride to my destination.

Luckily, my brother was already there to pick me up, so I didn't need to spend anything. But hey don't worry, the local drivers there are cool and are willing to help a tourist out! Fares usually range from P100-P600 depending on the distance of your chosen vacation spot.

Okay, so aside from it being super near, of course, the island is famous for its good beaches and resorts.

When you're having a long week (even though it's still a Tuesday), you may want to rest your head somewhere that's peaceful, plush and pampering.

Thankfully, my recent stay in Cavanico Il Mare checked all of these boxes.

Located in Barangay Camudmud, just a few minutes from Babak Port, the newly developed beach resort offers cottages and rooms that are actually not too shabby.

In spite of its modern feels, the resort provides guests with a strong sense of place. The wooden exteriors are consistent with all their rooms
and suite and there are just views that make you want to not leave. But I left anyway because I had to work at 8:30am. Sad.

I did get a chance to dip in their pool, though. Do it for the gram (or just do it lol)!

Even for just a short amount of time, I really enjoyed my quick retreat. There are so many places to visit in Samal but Cavanico is definitely a place to remember. I recommend you visit the place and experience for yourself the luxurious beach resort! (Patricia Palileo)