Wednesday , May 23, 2018

Y-Speak: I dream to become

GROWING up I’ve often been asked one significant question: What would I want to be when I grow up.

At 5 I answered I wanted to become a princess, at 10 I wanted to become an astronaut, at 13 I wanted to become a doctor and at 15 I said I wanted to become a lawyer.

As a child my dream job would change from one year to another depending on the persons I meet and the television shows I see. Now that I am facing a crucial part of my life I am yet to answer one of the hardest question ever thrown to me. What will I become?

For three weeks that we’ve been assigned to SunStar Davao for our immersion program I had a glimpse of how it is to become a journalist. Learnings and realizations took place and a bond of friendship has been made. From gathering of the information needed to the writing of the news itself. I learned to be more observant of our surroundings and to become more aware of what is happening, the issues and events a citizen should know.

Being with our assigned reporters also made me realize what it is to love your job. When you love what you are doing, a job is no job it’s a life. A lifetime commitment where you’ll be forever happy and proud. Seeing how passionate they are in their field of work inspires us students who want to become like them. Delivering quality and trustworthy information is what they do and are proud of doing.

As our immersion program ended, reality hit me hard. I am back to my reality of school-home-school-home routine, but this time I am carrying something with me. A fire in my heart which these journalist helped to rekindle. The burning to desire to become like them, to be someone who delivers trustworthy information, to be someone who dared to speak and grabbed the opportunity to information.

For sure being a journalist is no easy job but I also believe that there’s no easy job invented just passionate workers. Now as I enter a new chapter in my life, I finally answer that one question I’ve been long avoiding. With a huge smile and a proud heart I can that I dream to become a journalist and I will be journalist. (Nicole D. Rimando, DCNHS Intern)