Tuesday , May 22, 2018

Y-Speak: Thank you

"GOD thank you."

I was filled with gratitude after I learned that we will be having our immersion at Sun.Star Davao. I knew it would be of best quality. And as expected, Sun.Star Davao gave me experiences that I would treasure for the rest of my life.

I remembered when Ma'am Stella asked me, during her orientation, what am I expecting from the immersion I answered, "I am expecting that I will not just only learn parts of the newspaper but I will experience lifelong learnings."

She replied, "Okay, I will come back to you."

Today, as I am writing my final Y-Speak article, I remembered that scenario and I am happy that I achieved my expectations. Yes this leading readership company gave me not just any experience but the most treasured. I was able to have the opportunity to write in Super Balita and be seen on the TV (as the ABAS-CBN cameraman included me in his video). But beyond this "first time" I experienced lifelong learnings.

First the word patience. I learned this word at school but most of the time I do not apply it in the real world, but with Ma'am Karina Canedo I was forced to have this. She taught me how to have patience in gathering data especially when you're in the government beat. She may not tell me directly that I should wait but she showed it to me. She was a role model of the word patience. When news are rarely found she would sing while we are walking. It may be her way of telling the world we are just here waiting for the news.

Then, I learned to love my dialect. Ma'amMariz, Sir Alger and Sir Jeepy taught me to love the dialect I am using. Before I don't read Cebuano articles because society imbibed in us that it's of lower quality than English language. With them I learned that not everyone has the creativity to write in our very own dialect. (We were tasked to transcribe an article. We started the first sentence, we taught it's easy because we use this dialect everyday, but woooosh! I am very ashamed because I cannot make it without an online dictionary. I strived very hard to finish a more or less 50-word article in one hour then when I turned around to look at them, they have finished 4-5 articles already. Just WOW.

The universal attitude in the Sun.Star community, I learned to build networks. All of the reporters I was with have friends in the other companies. I learned that they help each other in finding news and I salute every journalist with this. I learned that friends can be found anywhere even in the competitors' company.

Lastly, this immersion in Sun.Star Davao teaches me to be human again. Before this immersion came I go to school, sit down, take notes, go home. It's was dehumanizing me until immersion program at Sun.Star came. It broke my silence. I am now waking up each day excited of the events that I might experience for the day. I learned to think and not to memorize. I learned lessons that are real not problems of decades ago that school keeps on giving the students today. I remembered during our examination day when I still went to the assigned reporter even when it was not included in the matrix. A lot were confused even my mom because they thought it was just merely an immersion that I am attending not knowing it is my life that I am gaining during that time. I didn't care about time when I was having my immersion. It was like a breath of fresh air every day. A new blessing to look after.

One of my best and treasured experience in this world is to experience the Sun.Star way of life. It was not possible without my perfect planner, My God.

Today, as I step out of Sun.Star Davao I bring these experiences that will be my weapon in the next chapter of my life. Salamat hangtod sa pagkita nato balik!

I will surely miss everything in Sun.Star Davao but I'm lucky enough to have your autographs guys! Thank you. (Sheila Marie C. Pieza, DCNHS Intern)