Tuesday , May 22, 2018

Compliment day

WHEN was the last you time you complimented someone? Complimenting is an expression of praise, commendation or admiration.

Praising someone does not cost anything. It really doesn’t require much effort. The words have powerful effects.

According to, David DiSalvo wrote an article entitled: “Study: Receiving a Compliment has same positive effect as receiving cash. It said that 48 adults were recruited by the researchers. They participated in an activity done for two consecutive days where one group was directly complimented by their evaluator. They performed significantly better than the others during the second time they did the activity.

Further, the article mentioned that Professor Norihiro Sadato, the study lead and professor at the National Institute for Physiological Sciences in Japan, said: “to the brain, receiving a compliment is as much a social reward as being rewarded money.”

Parents, teachers and people in position of authority (manager, supervisor) who give compliments may encourage children, students and colleague to improve work performance or learn new skills.

There are many ways to compliment someone:

• Be sincere – mean what you say
• Timing is everything
• Don’t exaggerate
• Tell the truth
• Be specific
• Don’t give compliments because you need something
• Do it with action (kiss, hug or give a gift, write a note)

Some things to say:

• I like your handwriting
• You have a wonderful voice
• You look great in your outfit
• The color pink suits you
• You’re strong
• I love your smile
• You’re a great listener
• You’re wonderful
• You’re an awesome friend
• You’re an inspiration
• Wow, you English is perfect
• The report you made was excellent
• That was a great idea!
• I appreciate our friendship
• You are best mom or dad

If you receive a compliment, be sure to accept it wholeheartedly and also return love to others.

Go ahead, compliment someone today.