Thursday , June 21, 2018

Seares: Trillanes attack: gambit or striptease?

SEN. Antonio Trillanes IV's hatred of the Binays is no longer in doubt.

His moves that led to the Senate investigation of Vice President Jojo Binay and son Makati Mayor Junjun Binay must come from deep-seated hostility.

No pretense of being fair. Only the fury-driven assault is what the public sees in Trillanes.

He has accused the Binays not just of enriching themselves by corruption but also with bribing two justices of the Court of Appeals.

Is this good for national interest: a senator, spewing out venom, waging a battle or, in the quixotic viewpoint, a crusade against evil?

It would depend.

Even if he's morally convinced that the Binays paid each justice P20 million to squelch the suspension of the mayor but doesn't have the kind of evidence that persuades the Supreme Court that the magistrates were probably corrupted, Trillanes will be hooted at, if not hounded out of the Senate. Surely, it could dash to pieces his ambition of seeking higher office.

It's a gambit that involves more than a sacrificed pawn. This is no mere Oakwood caper. He risks a lot else: the consequences of the anti-Binay slander and dragging to the mud two justices and the judiciary.

He could lose more than face and shirt.

Clown or not

He might beat the libel charge with claim of parliamentary immunity. But if he couldn't supply proof, he'd face public wrath and censure by his peers.
Is Trillanes doing a political striptease, as the Binay camp jeers?

More of a tightrope walk high up in the air. Which could send him crashing down, a shamed clown, or could land him on his feet, a triumphant hero who gambled all to stop someone he believed was a scoundrel who wanted to be president.