Wednesday , June 20, 2018

LiBTech Training on Technology in Research for Public Schools Teacher-Librarians

TECHNOLOGY is important to many forms of research and the use of it has placed increased demand on teacher-librarians to learn new technologies and distinguish which Internet resources can assist them in doing some. Teacher-Librarians and other information specialists need to learn the different technological tools in writing research that will help them to develop competencies in providing the best service.

Last February 3, 2018, the University of Mindanao Masters in Library and Information Science (MLIS) program, sponsored a one-day forum, entitled “LiBTech training on technology in research for Public Schools Teacher-Librarians,” a PakiglaUM for their community extension project in partnership with PakiglaUM Community Extension office of the university. The activity was held in the UM Professional Schools, Matina Campus, and invited guests from the faculty members and teacher-librarians of partner Primary and Secondary Schools came to participate: Magtuod Elementary School, Magtuod High School, Maa National High School, Sta. Ana National High School, Matina Pangi Elementary School, Matina Aplaya Elementary School and GSIS Elementary School. The objective of the said activity was to identify and differentiate the technological tools used in research and to communicate this to teacher-librarians wanting to enhance their skills in the research process.

The invited speaker, Dr. Adrian M. Tamayo, Director for Institute for Economy and Emerging Enterprise of the Research and Publication Center (RPC) and at the same time handles the Institute of Popular Opinion (IPO) of the University of Mindanao, explicitly discussed the tools in research, such as: online databases, google scholar, online journal publications, H-Index, I-Index and etc. He pointed out that technology is an “exercise of craft or art as a result of judgement to improve conditions that all others must benefit””. Seeing that people nowadays are time-conscious and time-constraint, technology makes life much easier not just in the everyday but also in research. He imparted many techniques to be utilized in the research process, but emphasized the point that the “beginning is always the hardest. Do not be afraid to try.”

This LiBTech training on technology in research for Teacher-Librarians analyzed what is currently being done with the research process in education with or without technology use, and what must occur in order for teacher-librarians to experience more efficiency, understanding, and success while conducting research. Moreover, it also provides important ideas and creative insights in enhancing teacher-librarian’s capacity as well as the MLIS Students in writing research. Hence, the point that Dr. Tamayo intended to share besides the technical tools and techniques that are readily available through the web, was to not be afraid of research. To think of it as a highway to new discoveries, a process to solve problems and a challenge to cultivate one’s thinking. As he quoted during the seminar, “Fortune always favors the bold,” and that “The comfort zone is the province of the losers.” Succeeding in research will only happen when one steps out of his/her comfort zone and combine technological techniques with perseverance and bravery. The training ended successfully with the giving of tokens and certificates with the MLIS Program Head, Dr. Rico B. Maghuyop and MLIS Professors. (Rodrigo B. Sumuob Jr., RL and Jan Mariel A. Duyo, RL)