Tuesday , May 22, 2018

Fernandina teacher wins storybook writing tilts

A KINDERGARTEN teacher from City of San Fernando was recognized on Monday by the City Government for winning in two storybook writing competitions recently.

Rina Limbitco, a kindergarten teacher at Bulaon Elementary School, won in the competitions with her entry “Si Dinong Bulagsak.”

The story of “Si Dinong Bulagsak” teaches the proper handling of educational materials to school children at their young age.

Limbitco was first awarded first place in the Regional Competition on Storybook Writing for Kindergarten on December 15.

She then placed fourth in the 2017 National Storybook writing competition for Kindergarten to Grade 3 Teachers in January this year.

Mayor Edwin Santiago, in recognizing Limbitco, said that Fernandinos are truly talented and skilled especially in the field of education.

“We take pride in our teachers like Rina Limbitco who really are dedicated and passionate about education and helping our children, who are the future faces of the new San Fernando,” he said.