Tuesday , May 22, 2018

Sasmuan folk help demolition victims

RESIDENTS in Barangay San Antonio, Sasmuan town have been contributing money and other resources to help residents who were affected by the demolition in the said village.

The affected residents were displaced by the demolition of 16 houses situated in a land in Barangay San Antonio reportedly owned by former Pampanga Board member Catalina Bagasina.

Sasmuan Mayor Nardo Velasco said on Monday that the affected residents were allowed to make temporary shelters in the old materials recovery facility.

Bagasina, a former mayor of the town, has allegedly been in a legal battle with the residents over the lands for the past years. The case is reportedly still pending in court.

Meanwhile, a resident who has been helping the affected residents said that the displaced residents are hoping for help from the government to at least have means to secure decent relocation.

A resident, who requested anonymity, added that concerned neighbors have been contributing food and money for those affected.

“These are poor people. Now they need to worry about the roof over their heads. It is very difficult for them,” the resident added.

Some of the residents who were displaced have been living in their former homes for as long as they could remember.

The resident added that the affected residents should at least be accorded decent and permanent relocation where they could effectively rebuild their homes.

SunStar Pampanga failed to reach Bagasina as of Monday night, February 12.