Wednesday , May 23, 2018

15 quick thoughts about ‘The Greatest Showman’

THE beauty tears me apart, really. “The Greatest Showman” just started showing in Philippine theaters and we can’t get enough of the singing, dancing and the whole production. But here are some random thoughts I have after catching the musical for myself:

1) The opening song and sequence was on fire. I could imagine Freddie Mercury walking on stage at anytime.

2) Does anyone else get the vibe of P.T. Barnum as a romanticized scammer?

3) Hugh Jackman is a wonderful, versatile and passionate artist. One day he’s dancing, the next, he’s Logan slashing his bloody way to accomplishing his mission.

4) Zac Efron actually killing it is a sight to behold besides seeing him in flicks like “Baywatch” and “Bad Neighbors.”

5) The songs in the film sounded like they were a study of the latest, hippest and hottest Spotify hits of 2018. The writing, arrangement and production had one goal: create the slickest pop songs Hollywood has ever carried on a single project.

6) Nobody thought of giving Vanessa Hudgens a call for the role of trapeze artist?

7) The production was off the charts. Watching “La La Land” again after catching “The Greatest Showman” made the former look like a one-act play compared to Michael Bay’s “Transformers”—production-wise.

8) Razors existed back in those days, right?

9) I consider myself a member of #TeamLaLaLand… But the fact of the matter is, both films can’t be compared as both films have different goals and objectives. A jazz project and a pop project are worlds apart.

10) “Rewrite The Stars” is still stuck in my head 10 days after. The LSS (Last Song Syndrome) is ongoing. I like the bridge section.

11) Where’d P.T. Barnum actually park the elephant?

12) “The Greatest Showman” deserves at least one viewing. It’s that special. Go see it.

13) There’s a sing-along version of the film where the lyrics appear on the screens showing in SM Cinemas. Call the malls and check the dates.

14) “This is Me” is also stuck in my head.

15) Modern, Hollywood-fueled musicals are beginning to look like the norm. What’s up for 2019?