Wednesday , May 23, 2018

Ika: A call to love local

JUST like the fairy godmother who turns pumpkins into carriages, “ika” by Angelica Rodriguez turns indigenous materials into unique accessories and handmade pieces designed with Filipino flair—all with the vision of bringing Filipino craftsmanship to the world stage in a new and creative way.

Angelica “Ika” Rodriguez, a Cebuana De La Salle University graduate in Entrepreneurship, first started “ika” in the university’s business incubator course. She began transactions by selling accessory pieces to friends and creating special pieces for consignment to House of Laurel. After having to work a full-time job in public relations while juggling the expansion of “ika” on the side, she left her office job to pursue her passion project and now works full-time as the head of design and marketing. Working with her is her mother, Susan, who handles the production of the handmade bags and accessories.

“We, at ika by Ika Rodriguez, want people to love local. We want to redefine the local handicraft industry. We say no to mass-produced designer knock-offs and create pieces that are entirely handmade locally,” Ika said as she emphasized the importance of patronizing locally made products as well as her goal to establish the brand locally and internationally by giving the market fun yet distinctly Filipino accessories.

“We make quality products for a whole new market along with the loyal patrons who have supported the field from the very beginning. We want to fuse fresh, modern designs with classic Filipino materials to create accessories that one can take from the streets to the seaside,” Ika said.

With an extensive collection of handmade handbags, clutches and accessories made from local materials like rafia and acrylic, ika by Angelica Rodriguez now sells pieces online and offline at pop-up stores and stalls at event bazaars held annually.

“We pay great attention to detail and make sure to give people nothing but the best. Everything about ika pieces is entirely handmade: from the handwoven raffia used for the envelope clutches to the custom blended acrylic made just for each individual clutch,” she added.