Sunday , May 27, 2018

Mendoza: It’s not on until it’s on, done until it’s done

THERE is hope in the country’s Olympic movement. Or, to be precise, things could be looking up for Philippine sports.

The positive outlook stems from the position of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) recognizing a Pasig City Regional Trial Court ordering a new election for president and chairman, respectively, of the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC).

More importantly, it meant that the IOC heeded a Court of law declaring the 2016 POC election null and void.

Jose “Peping” Cojuangco won a four-year, fourth term as POC president in said polls when the Committee on Election disqualified Ricky Vargas as Cojuangco’s opponent for being an “inactive member” of the POC General Assembly.

The Pasig court decreed that the Election Committee had no legal personality to define an “inactive member” and ruled that the Committee’s main job was to supervise the conduct of elections.

The election officials headed by Frank Elizalde also disqualified Abraham Tolentino, the cycling president, from running as POC chairman.

But with IOC’s ruling on Feb. 9, the Feb. 23 election of POC president and chairman, respectively, ordered by the Pasig court is deemed carried.

In a statement, Vargas, the boxing president, said: I am happy that the POC finally decided to follow the rule of law and the voice of reason. And the IOC should be commended for their straightforward appreciation of the situation. I now look forward to an orderly and fair election hopefully leading to the improvement of our athletes’ lives and Philippine sports in general.”

It is barely 10 days from the Feb. 23 election.

And what is this new twist being floated around that the POC General Assembly must first convene to set the parameters of the new POC election?

Isn’t that the duty of the Election committee?

And while it is obvious that Vargas, the boxing chief, will pursue his aborted dream of becoming POC president, how about Cojuangco?

Last I heard, Cojuangco is still finding ways to deflect the Feb. 23 election. Talk is that he will use the 42-member General Assembly to thwart Vargas’ election bid.

And, as history tells us, the Cojuangco clout has always been that formidable. Thus, against the likes of Cojuangco, one is never sure of victory.

It’s not on until it’s on--the election, I mean. It’s not done until it’s done--the win against Cojuangco, I mean.

WEDDING BELLS. Best wishes to Kristoffer Raschid Lim and Catherine Bianca, who will tie the knot on Feb. 15. Bianca is the daughter of my dear friends Marvin and Pia.