Thursday , May 24, 2018

Rules set on dog photo shoot at Mines View

THE Baguio City Government has set rules on dog photo shoot activities at Mines View Park to regulate the operation of said business and ensure the safety of parkgoers and animals used in the trade.

In Administrative Order 16, s. 2018, Mayor Mauricio Domogan said recent reports indicated an alarming record of biting, grasping, scuffing and scratching of parkgoers by dogs used in photo shoots in the park.

To prevent such incidents and to also ensure the welfare of the canines, the City needs to institutionalize the rules and regulations governing the business for implementation by the City Environment and Parks Management Office (Cepmo) under Cordelia Lacsamana.

Under the rules, only the Mines View St. Bernard Dog Association and eight members (Rolly Allatiw, Annielyn Bawaan, Jude Saydawan, Gerald Pitas, Mylene Meru, Dexter Oyas, Chesney Marx Sab-it, and Barangay Mines View) will be recognized and given permission to conduct dog photo shoot activity for a fee inside the park to minimize cut-throat competition among members and for easier control and management.

Dog owners, handlers and watchers should have undergone proper training on dog handling issued by competent institutions duly accredited by the Department of Agriculture-Bureau of Animal Industry and the Philippine Animal Welfare Society, while the dogs should have undergone and be supported by training certificates on manner, socialization, agility, and obedience issued by training institutions accredited by the same agencies as well as health credential cards containing vaccination records, deworming and other veterinary health records.

To ensure there will be no substitution of dogs, all accredited dogs will have dog tags, serial numbers, three-angle close-up photos, dog health certificates and registration in the barangay under the City’s Responsible Pet Ownership Program implemented by the City Veterinary Office.

The tag will be worn at all times by the dog scheduled for pictorial for the day.

For the good of the animals, only two dogs per day (one in the morning and one in the afternoon) will be allowed for the photo shoot to ensure that the dog is on the right mindset and behavior. Each dog will also be given a rest for one to two hours to de-stress and be given proper grooming and must wear bite guards to avoid biting.

Any incident of biting, scuffing, scratching and/or similar untoward incident involving the dogs used in the photo shoot will mean automatic expulsion of the member and his/her dog from the association.

Two watchers will be employed and positioned by the association in the entrance of the park each day with megaphone to assist, warn and remind all park goers and tourists with dogs not to pass in the designated dog photo shoot area.

The temporary designated area for dog photo shoot will below the vacant area at the upper left portion of the park going down from the Barangay Hall and the area of operation must have one plastic bench and one micromatic square umbrella as shed of the dog. No selling will be allowed.

The time of operation will be from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

All children below 12 years old wishing to photo shoot with accredited dog must be accompanied by adults.

The association shall maintain at all times courteous and maintain harmonious relationship with the general public and the members, handlers and watchers must have Identification cards, practice personal hygiene, good grooming, appropriate haircuts and clothing whenever conducting photo shoot.

No handler or parkgoer smelling liquor, or under the influence of alcoholic drinks shall be allowed to do photo shoot with the accredited dog. (Aileen Refuerzo)