Monday , May 28, 2018

Editorial: Mayor’s obsession

SO who masterminded the killing of Ermita Barangay Captain Felicisimo “Imok” Rupinta? Rolando Pacres, the witness who pointed to Cebu City market operations chief Winefredo Miro as the mastermind, has submitted a supplemental affidavit pointing in turn to Mayor Tomas Osmeña as Miro’s “boss” in the Rupinta killing. The affidavit would have been interesting had Pacres presented compelling proof.

As it is, Pacres could only present his supposed conversation with Miro whom he asked who his boss was: ‘Ang-ang og kinsa Lan, di gud ko tawo ni Rama. Nahibalo na ka og kinsay atbang ni Rama. Si Osmeña.”

The mayor has all the reason to object to this development. If the purpose of the supplemental affidavit is to prosecute him, then the intention falls flat, the claim being hearsay. That is why Osmeña’s theory that the claim could be used to preventively suspend him is already a stretch. But the political opposition could use it as propaganda ammunition against him in the election.

But more interesting than Pacres’s claim in his supplemental affidavit is Osmeña’s own claim in answer to the witness’ accusation. Here’s his text message in reaction to it:

“I believe this is a cheap plot by (Presidential Assistant Michael) Dino, SM and (Justice) Secretary (Vitaliano) Aguirre. It’s a ridiculous concoction they hope will be good enough to get me a preventive suspension enabling (Vice Mayor Edgardo (Labella to assume and make a sweet compromise with SM so they can complete stealing the South Road Properties worth P40 billion.”

The mayor’s claim is not only without proof it borders on pure imagining. But the attempt to deflect the accusation is expected, what is not is the mayor exposing his obsession with those that have been subjected to his attacks: Dino, Aguirre (surprisingly) and the only business entity in the group, SM. He hasn’t been attacking Labella, but the vice mayor is leader of the political opposition.

It looks like the mayor believes everybody is conspiring against him. Not only that, he seems to be worried he would soon be preventively suspended, like what happened to former mayor Michael Rama, whose suspension in 2016 eventually benefited him. Is the mayor now being tormented by his past actions?