Thursday , May 24, 2018

Vangie and Domiku’s seaside wedding

WHAT better day to write about a beautiful love story than today, the day dedicated to love? The romance of Evangeline Ong Hayco and Domiku Alegrado Ugarte took years to develop because they moved in different worlds. However, when it did, it was there to stay, built on great friendship and fueled by a common passion for endurance sports.

Theirs was a sunset wedding on a rainy Saturday in January at the picturesque private isle of Bluewater Maribago Beach Resort which is owned by Dom’s family. Stepping down from a flower-bedecked banca, Vangie, in all her pristine finery, was met by her loving parents, Edward and Eleanor. Also on hand was handsome groom Domiku with his parents, David Ugarte and June Alegrado. It was a beautiful ceremony made more dreamy and magical with little raindrops falling every now and then.

The wedding reception was a well-orchestrated affair at the beachfront of the resort, thanks to groom’s Mom June who saw to every detail. The evening’s program included a tender father-daughter dance (with Dad Edward looking wistful), and a dramatic dance by the lithe bride and the dashing groom.

When the skies turned dark, and droplets of rain fell, the mood remained light and happy. Yes, romance was in the air!