Thursday , May 24, 2018

Bzzzzz: Valentine grist in rumor mill: genitals

GENITALS of women rebels provide sparks in the rumor circuit this valentine week.

Specifically, what President Duterte told soldiers last Wednesday. He said, “Shoot women in the vagina because without their vagina, they’re useless... Tell the soldiers there’s a new order from the mayor. We won’t kill them (the women rebels. Just shoot them in the vagina.”

Official transcript of Duterte’s talk replaced the word “vagina” with a dash. His latest is the kind of humor that his audience laughed over and media outlets abroad would pick up. (Washington Post and London’s The Independent were among the early users of the story.)

It was just humor, presidential spokesman Harry Roque said. Never mind that it’s “misogynist, derogatory and demeaning,” as Carlos Conde of Human Rights Watch put it.

What Gwen was ‘sacked’ for

Rep. Gwen Garcia of Cebu’s third district wasn’t ordered dismissed for the P98.92 million purchase of the Balili property in Tinaan, Naga. A Court of Appeals ruling nullified the ombudsman’s earlier order dismissing her for the Balili deal, saying her reelection in 2010 wiped out her liability for the 2008 contract.

This new dismissal order is for allegedly:

● Contracting with Supreme ABF Construction for backfilling materials for the parts of the Balili property that were underwater and part of the mangrove without the authority of the Provincial Board.;

● Entering into the contract without certification that funds were available (the document supplied only after the second contract).

No issue of overpricing, just failure to get the PB nod and fund availability papers.

Mike is next?

Former Cebu City mayor Mike Rama told dyAB radio (and circulated on Facebook through his rival Mayor Tomas Osmeña) that he (Mike) could be next target after the killing of Ermita Bry. Captain Imok Rupinta.

Mike could be just promoting the accusation (given in a supplemental affidavit) that it was Tomas who ordered Imok’s death, which the mayor has denied.

With a touch of melodrama, Mike Rama style.

Tell us about it.