Monday , June 25, 2018


MOST of us would visualize courage on a man’s face with fierce and bold expression, his mouth wide open with a shout, his fist tightly closed and held up indicating his intense feeling of fearlessness and his feet ready to attack the moment a signal is given and perceived. While this picture paints a perfect physical illustration of courage, there’s another face, the one that allows us to be at peace and be still despite all circumstances. As Ms. Mary Anne Radmacher said, "Courage doesn’t always roar."

Let’s take a look at courage from its fruits. One sure thing is there’s a reward with our every action and only with our firm resolve to stand in righteousness do we reap the victory of a courageous life. Giving in to wickedness and violating moral and Godly principles, despite sleepless nights and struggles beforehand, will never be counted as being brave. It’s a weakness and an entry point for any attacks from which we have no defense. Unless we repent, this fear will create a chain of unpleasant events in our lives and will drag us into a web of complicated and misguided way of living.

Ultimately, courage results to a victorious and peaceful life. It is from this perspective that we can welcome adversity daily with renewed zeal, strength and passion.

Marcus Tullius Cicero said, “A man of courage is also a man of faith.” Only by being level-headed because of our faith that we can overcome fear, knowing what is in store for those who believe and remain in the path of righteousness. Many are bound by their fear of the unknown future, but we have to have the faith to be at peace knowing that our future is not unknown, our future is called victory.

These days, if we take a look at the society around us, every domain is pleading to be realigned, readjusted and recalibrated towards the path of righteousness.

It is calling for the leaders of such high caliber–courageous patriots who will face every adversity head-on, even if it means suffering and sacrificing on their part, which further gives deeper meaning to the word courage. How brave must a person be? Leaders who understand that courage is necessary not for themselves, but for something that is far bigger – for the next generation and for the nation, are the ones that we are all looking forward to see to rule in every strategic position in the community.

Now the challenge falls upon us, does or will courage be found in us? Take note, it is beyond ourselves or what’s beneficial for ourselves and our loved ones; we are talking about the courage that creates impact. The fruits of courage are not always reflected in our positions, rankings, or status in the community, rather, it is a foundation of a lifestyle that emits power to influence movements towards massive transformation. It may not be the first thing that people see in us, but courage definitely is a virtue that enables us to be consistent with every other principle we live by. More than the physical expression of courage, it is measured more accurately by the life we are living. Let us decide to become that courageous leader in the place where we’re positioned and look forward to the days of expected victory.