Wednesday , June 20, 2018

More Davraa delegates hospitalized due to 'food poisoning'

ANOTHER batch of Davao Region Athletic Association (Davraa) delegates were rushed to the hospital last Sunday evening due to an alleged food poisoning incident.

This is after a total of 38 delegates from Mati were also brought to the hospital last Saturday after eating leftover food.

Davao City Health Officer Dr. Josephine Villafuerte in an interview on Monday said majority of the victims in the latest incident were those staying at the San Roque Elementary School (SRES) and Maa Elementary School (MES). Tagum City delegates were staying at SRES while Davao Oriental delegates were staying at MES.

Among those who were rushed to the hospital is a coach staying at MES. The rest are athletes with the oldest being 14 years old. One was admitted while 31 were placed under observation.

Villafuerte said as of 10 a.m. Monday, only six patients remained in the hospital and were ready to be discharged.

She said the patients were given intravenous fluids (IV) for rehydration.

Villafuerte said they are now waiting for the results of laboratory tests of the patient's specimen to know what caused the incident.

She also said those who are claiming that they got symptoms due to the milk placed in Pagbabago bags given to all delegates during the opening program was probably lactose intolerant.

"Possible kasi yung iba hindi man nagka-LBM," she said.

Lactose intolerance makes a person suffer an upset stomach after drinking cow's milk, a high lactose milk.

Villafuerte said all delegates received water on Monday and this could not be the cause as all delegates should have fallen ill.

She assured that everything is going well, most of the patients have returned, adding that all of the 38 from Mati who were admitted last Saturday have also been discharged.

"So far everything is under control. Most of them are already back, so nagpapalakas na lang. They have nothing to worry because all is taken care of by the city government, the assistance of the mayor," Villafuerte said.

She advised that to prevent food poisoning, food must be consumed within two hours and a maximum of four hours after it was prepared.

Villafuerte clarified that the incident that involved Mati, the problem was not on the preparation but on the handling of food, since it was stored in a humid and warm room.

She said they are placing sanitary inspectors and CHO staff at the billeting quarters to check the area from time to time.

Children were advised also not buy food from the outside of the school. The guards were instructed not to allow the children to get out and buy food.

Villafuerte said that they also asked vendors to avoid selling goods outside the school.