Tuesday , June 19, 2018

Petting the Dog for luck

IT'S time to let the dogs out. 2018 in the Chinese Lunar Calendar is the Year of the Dog and in the next 365 days the earth canines will rule.

Since it's the year of the earth Dog, the earth element plays an important role to all the 12 animal signs of the Chinese zodiac. The year offers stability and everyone will be grounded. While the 2017 Rooster year got everyone scrambling to stay abreast with the opportunities that came our way, the Dog year will let us settle into one or more of the fortunes that will come knocking on our doors.

The year is good for everything close to the earth-building a new home or a solid career, and working on a relationship with someone special or the family.

Delving into something more specific, the earth Dog offers comfort to the Rabbit sign this year. Known to be loyal and independent, it will bring luck to the Tiger, Horse and Ox will find someone to share their lives within a romantic way.

On wealth matters, the Rat and Pig will rake it in, as reward for their hard work, while the Dog will show me, a Dragon, along with the Goats and Roosters to take it easy and enjoy life as the pace is slower for the three signs this year.

As for the Snakes and Monkeys, it is said that the year will be a learning time for them.

But before I took time to slow down and relax, I followed the Dog's instruction to enjoy life by spending time with peers over a hearty meal on the eve of the Lunar Chinese New Year at the Marco Polo Davao.

The Lion dance is a tradition for Marco Polo Davao. Each year, the lions dancing to the beat of the drums are meant to usher in good fortune in the coming Lunar Year.

This year's special guests in the ceremonial dotting of the eye of the Lions were DOT Secretary Wanda Teo, DOT Assistant Secretary Eden David and businessman Mr. Juanito Yap. MPD General Manager Dottie Wurgler-Cronin completed the party of the eye-dotting ritual.

Our hearty feast was served at the Lotus Court. To the delight of the diners, Chef Alex Destriza served the restaurant's bestsellers, like the Peking Duck, Braised Lamb Chinese Style, Steamed Snapper Fish in Soya Sauce and many more.

To liven up the affair, Chinese songs and dances were performed by the talented students of the Colegio de San Ignacio.

It was a good way to start the Lunar Year. Kung hei fat choy! And may the Dog year bring you wealth and fortune.


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