Monday , June 18, 2018

Exec urges NWRB to cancel Angeles City Water District’s certification

ANGELES CITY – A city councilor has filed a resolution urging the National Water Regulatory Board (NWRB) to cancel the Certificate of Public Convenience (CPC) of the Angeles City Water District (ACWD).

Councilor Jesus “Jay” Sangil filed the resolution following the water crisis in barangays Margot and Sapangbato, the two villages situated at the upland portion of the city adjacent to the Clark Freeport.

However, councilors Dan Lacson and Amos Rivera objected to the approval of the resolution stating that the ACWD be given a chance to restore the water supply within four months.

ACWD General Manager Reynaldo Liwanag made an assurance that the water supply in the two barangays will be restored after the completion of the pumping station in a four-month period.

During the city council session last Tuesday, councilors Alex Indiongco and Carmelo “Pogi” Lazatin asked the ACWD officials, including the Board of Director (BOD) members, to resign because of the water shortage in the two villages, which affected more than 20,000 residents.

Councilor Alfie Bonifacio suggested an amendment to Sangil’s proposed resolution which will allow another water firm to provide water supply in the affected areas.

For his part, Sangil suggested Clark Water be allowed to take over and provide the water supply in the two villages for the meantime.

“We do not want to prolong the agony and sufferings of the more than 20,000 residents in Barangays Margot and Sapangbato,” Sangil said.

“Bakit hindi na lang direct from Clark Water to Margot and Sapangbato instead of ACWD will buy water to Clark Water then it will sell to the people of the two barangays,” he added.

Clark Water used to serve the two villages before the ACWD took over several years ago, according to the councilor.

“The residents informed us that there were no water shortage during those days. The water problem only came when the ACWD came in,” Sangil said.

The proposed resolution was referred to the city council’s Committee on Public Utilities, chaired by Rivera.
At present, hundreds of residents including children and senior citizens are lining up from 9:00 pm until midnight to fetch water from the water ration coming from Clark Water.

A CPC is a type of regulatory compliance certification for public service industries.