Tuesday , June 19, 2018

Signature beauty looks: Black Panther actresses

Angela Bassett

The silver screen veteran has been appearing in movies since the early 90s, but still looks striking in 2018. While her hairstyles have been everything from smooth and sleek to curly and voluminous, what remains constant is her preference for emphasizing her amazing facial structure: arched brows, contoured nose and cheeks, and defined lips. She is also a skin care advocate, even developing a line with dermatologists specifically for darker skin tones. We can only hope to look half as glowy as she does at the age of 58. 

Lupita Nyong’o

“Color shy” is something Lupita is not, as the actress has sported plenty of high-pigment makeup looks on the runway. She is not afraid to sport bold colors on her face at one time–electric blue and scarlet, purple and fuchsia, sparkly black and bright pink–on eyes and cheeks, respectively. The hues look fun and not overdone as she always keeps her brows subtle, and wears minimal or no blush when going for bright shadow and lip color. 

Danai Gurira

As if sporting a head of closely cropped or no hair at all isn’t unconventional enough for a woman, Danai is often seen on the red carpet these days wearing a shaved design of the head tattoo she has in the movie. She usually plays up her gorgeous full lips with bold lipstick, gloss, or shimmer and often emphasizes her eyes with thick but not too long lashes. 

Letitia Wright

It is as rare for us to see Letitia wearing obvious lip color as it is common for us to see her wearing her hair in all manner of styles and textures. She’s worn it curled, volumized, tousled, polished, feminine and masculine. Who knew you could do so much with hair that ends above the ears?