Thursday , June 21, 2018

Village chief: Protect tourists

ANGELES CITY -- A village chief has underscored the need to protect tourists, particularly the foreigners who are visiting the entertainment capital city of Central Luzon.

Balibago chairman Rodelio Mamac said the image of the whole country will be affected if foreign tourists experience unfortunate incidents, including robbery and other crimes.

Last Saturday, a Qatar national, identified only as Said, was allegedly victimized by three women who allegedly carted away the tourist's P50,000.

Mamac said Said, who arrived in Angeles City more than a week ago, invited to his hotel room two of the three suspects, whom he did not name.

Said told the barangay leaders his guests were no longer in the room. He later discovered that his P50,000 cash were also missing, according to Mamac.

"Reminder to all, tourists come because they like and love our country. If we do harm or bad against them, it is our country that will be affected. We will also lose others who wants to visit us," Mamac said.

"Last night, a tourist from Qatar reported a robbery incident perpetrated by three women conniving each other by robbing him. According to him, P50,000 was taken by the suspects," he added.

After learning about the incident, Mamac said he immediately directed his men to conduct a hot pursuit operation against the suspects.

"After it was reported, we exerted our efforts to arrest the suspects with the description of the victim. After an hour, we were able to arrest the suspects and the recover the money. All were returned to the tourist victim," the barangay chairman said.

Mamac said he established a tourist assistance center few years ago to protect the foreigners visiting the city's entertainment center.

"This is the reasons why I established the Barangay Tourist Assistance Office when I assumed as the barangay chairman of Balibago," Mamac said.

Said already returned to Qatar on Sunday, March 4. He did not file any case against the suspects.

He thanked Mamac and the other barangay leaders for the swift action and the recovery of his money.