Wednesday , June 20, 2018

Ilonggo math whiz recognized

ILOILO City Mayor Jose Espinosa III led the awarding of certificates to Ilonggo elementary Math wizards of different schools after winning International Math competitions during City Hall’s Monday flag ceremony on March 5.

“I can’t imagine how these kids managed to study and compete even at a very young age. They are best examples to all other children especially to those who are afraid of Mathematics. I know they’ve been through a lot of trainings with the help of their coaches and teachers. So, congratulations and continue to make Ilonggos proud,” Espinosa stressed.

Matthew Defensor of Solomon Integrated School of Iloilo bagged gold medal and silver in Individual Category and bronze in Team category during Malaysia International Mathematics Olympiad (Mimo) last November 2017.

Angela Kyra Salarda of Solomon Integrated School of Iloilo won Bronze in Individual Category and Silver in Team Category during the International Math Open for young Achievers in Singapore on September 2017. Salarda also won bronze in Individual Category in Mimo.

Alexis Grif Genovatin of Ateneo de Iloilo, Lorenzo Garcia of Paref Westbridge School, James Michael Young Iloilo National High School, Justin Rey Balopenos of Philippine Science High School, and Ma. Marju Jeremia Sobeza won bronze medals in the same competition.

Rezh Bernice Loretizo of Ateneo de Iloilo and Jacques Simon Timtiman of Iloilo Scholastic Academy won bronze medals during the 13th IMC International Mathematics Contest in Singapore on August 2017.

David Matthew Dolar of Paref Westbridge won silver medal during Enjoy Mathematics Summer Camp, China Primary Mathematics Olympiad on July 2017.

James Matthew Young of Iloilo National High School won bronze medal during the India Primary Mathematics Olympiad on July 2017.

Alexis Jane Que and Ma. Alyssa Bea Duya of Iloilo Scholastic Academy bagged silver medals during International Mathematics Wizard Challenge in China on June 2017.

Ma. Marju Jeremia Sobeza won bronze medal in Individual Category and bronze in Team Category.

Maria Samantha Cristobal of Ateneo de Iloilo won bronze in Team Category.

Cassey Jules Uygongco of Hua Siong Iloilo won silver medal during the Olympics Mathematics 3rd Cup Pan- Asia.

Mathematics Trainers’ Guild Philippines Iloilo coordinator Dr. Jonathan Glorial said there was a qualifying exam opened for all public and private elementary students for elimination.

Those who passed have undergone 12 Saturdays training and another exam was given to those who will compete for national competition. Before the international competition, there was also one-month training in Manila in preparation for the contest.

“I guess the reason why we were able to win the competition is because we are prepared mentally and physically. The children were trained well. As a Math professor, I tell you, the subject is not easy but very interesting. Math is not ‘one shot.’ You need to practice a lot in order to learn it,” Glorial added. (PR)