Wednesday , June 20, 2018

Editorial: How to counter ‘fake news’

DIVISIVE as it is, fake news does not have a general definition. Thus, it’s hard to identify one in the context of what most Filipinos believe.

And that, unfortunately means, if a person reads a story that defies his pre-conceived idea of the matter, he will have trouble accepting and will label it fake to his content.

Yes, fake according to most, is anything that opposes their stance. That also means, most men lack the value of being a critical thinker in times when a personality they support is put into hot water.

In the field of publishing news, it is not always that a writer will pack his story with all the back-up information regarding the topic he is writing. A news writer usually makes a development story and that means every piece he releases is an update from the previous write-ups he made.

Often, people will only chance on reading one among the many articles regarding an issue, which most likely will lead him to misunderstand the whole story.

To be honest, there are many people we know, some are our friends, who have only read a fraction of the truth and already went gaga to the public, announcing how malicious an article is.

Not speaking generally, but a news story always aims to tell the truth. But to read just one and claim total comprehension of a developing story is definitely a no-good. For a person to fully grasp the whole idea of any topic, he should have multiple readings regarding it.

Multiple readings entail scanning releases from different media agencies, conflicting parties, and maybe interview personalities if they can. But let’s leave that to the professionals and to those who are really seeking for the truth.

This multiple readings suggestion is for the public in the hope that it will help them become better citizens of this nation.