Tuesday , June 19, 2018

Tomas plans to allow jeeps on coastal road

CEBU City Mayor Tomas Osmeña is planning to temporarily allow public utility jeepneys (PUJ) to access the Cebu South Coastal Road (CSCR) while traffic on N. Bacalso Ave. is still heavy on most days due to the ongoing construction of an underpass project in the area.

But before he can implement it, the mayor will have to sit down with the Cebu City Transportation Office and Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board 7.

There is also a legal question on the matter, as the City has an existing ordinance which prohibits PUJs from using the CSCR, or the road along the South Road Properties.

Since it takes time to amend an ordinance, Osmeña said the City Council will have to declare a state of emergency first before allowing public vehicles to utilize the coastal road.

Ryan Yu, president of Cebu Integrated Transport Service Multipurpose Cooperative (CITRASCO) said the plan of the mayor is a welcome development.

This, considering the state of roads and present condition of the alternative routes that the PUJs are using.

Aside from it, drivers are also expected to save from gasoline consumption as they will no longer spend more time on the road because of the heavy traffic situation, he said.

“The mayor can’t go against its own ordinance, except in an emergency. To pass an ordinance, it takes time, but the Council will just have to declare an emergency first then at the same time go through the process of formalizing,” he said.

Since the construction of the multi-billion underpass project started, a portion of N. Bacalso Ave., has been closed and PUJs were diverted to E. Sabellano St., after the access along F. Llamas St., was also closed.

Due to the narrow access roads, motorists and commuters have been suffering from the heavy traffic situation for days now.

Aside from allowing PUJs along CSCR, Osmeña also earlier proposed to ban private vehicles on N. Bacalso Ave. on peak hours. (RVC)