Tuesday , June 19, 2018

Something new, something sweet at Patok sa Manok

IT’S never a hard to choose which I want to have first on the buffet table. I always check out the dessert spread first and get a bite of something I like before having the main course. Or if you have to make me choose between the main course or the dessert only, I will gladly skip the former and have the latter. No brainer.

Dessert is my Achilles heel. But not just any dessert, I still have my preferences. I like my chocolates dark, my ice cream the classic Vanilla and pastries on the not-so-sweet side, weird that may seem. I just don't like overly sweetened desserts. Why? Because I don't have one to stop at one.

Recently, I discovered new desserts to feast on. Believe it or not, it's at the newly opened Patok Sa Manok (PSM) restaurant along Tulip Drive Avenue in Matina.

Yes, PSM is THE place to go for the lechon manok. It must have roasted a million chickens (maybe more) since it opened its first stall in 1985. I can probably finish an entire chicken when famished or maybe because the liver sauce makes the chicken more savory.

Back to the desserts. You might be wondering why the lechon manok place (that also serves sumptuous Pinoy dishes) is suddenly serving cakes and pastries. The young chef, Pauline Malilin, the daughter of PSM founder, Lena Benedicto, shares, “With the opening of the new Patok Sa Manok restaurant, we are upgrading not only the menu but the whole PSM dining concept. This is why we are introducing the bakery. Soon, all PSM branches, which will sport the new Filipino modern interiors, will have a bakery of its own.”

Fresh out of the oven, the young chef presented a few of the bakery’s products — the cheese bread, cheese bars, ensaymadas, and the specialty desserts, the classic and durian Silvanas, the Mango Brulee and Happy Lemon Cake.

From the look of the chef when she presented the initial offerings of the bakery, I knew it was special and it will taste good. How often do you see a chef clasp her hands, lovingly look at the cake and with a smile, say its names?

Pauline did and she may not have noticed it. This was what made me more eager to try the cakes.

Yes, the two variants of Silvanas were quite good — crunchy, buttery with the durian flavor not overpowering at all. It was delicious with every bite.

The Happy Lemon Cake did make me very happy. The layered beauty is made of layers of not-too-sweet merengue and lemon cream with the right tartness. I finished a big wedge.

Maybe it was just right that I ended the tasting session with the Mango Brulee. The cake was heavenly. The chiffon cake was fluffy and buttery in taste and sandwiched in between is a generous serving of lightly sweetened whipped cream with mango bits. To finish a cake like this all by myself will never be a sin. Why would God (no blasphemy intended) have something this good created in the first place?

I can’t wait until the PSM bakeries go full blast in its operation. I heard they were whipping up more goodies like the Ube Cake and Bibingka.


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