Wednesday , June 20, 2018

Ely Buendia’s concert irked Dabawenyos

IT WAS supposed to be a concert to reminisce their younger years, but Eraserheads fans didn’t know they were in for a blunder as Ely Buendia took the stage with a hoarse voice, saying it was due to stress from another gig the other night.

Davao City Councilor Al-Ryan Alejandre, a fan of the band which had Buendia as its lead vocalist, was disappointed with the turnout of the event.

In a phone interview Monday, the councilor said that he’s from the generation where Buendia’s fame was at a topnotch. Adding that he already purchased a ticket early on.

“I already had my tickets, VIP to say the least, in December last year. That’s how eager I was to secure a seat and him (Ely Buendia) just telling that he lost his voice because he had a gig the other night is unfair sa mga nagbayad,” he said.

As early as November 20, 2017, concert organizer Bace Production posted a video teaser on the March 10, 2018 concert in its Facebook page.

“His manager or himself should have at least organized his projects, he had a long time to prepare for the Davao concert and providing an alibi that he had previous engagements is not acceptable. He should have prepared for this event knowing that a lot of people paid to watch him perform,” Alejandre added.

Alejandre also explained that he’s aware of the artist’s sickness; however, he added that it was a ticketed concert and people were excited to watch him sing “The Greatest Hits Live”. And knowing that he still opted to agree on having concerts, the artist made the assurance that he can still perform well.


Karla Singson, a notable event organizer and businesswoman in Davao City shared her thoughts regarding the concert.

“Personally, when you sell tickets, there's a promise that goes with it,” she begins.

The concert featuring Buendia as its main act also had Parokya ni Edgar and Hale as performers. The tickets were sold at P1,800 for VIP; P1,000 for Gold, and P500 for General Admission.

With social media fuming from dissatisfaction, Singson admitted she was already aware of the event as she read complaints from people ranting on the platform.

“To have people buying these tickets mean they are really looking forward to a good show,” she added. “Personally, sa side ng organizers, they owe the public an apology. There’s integrity in selling. Kahit sa Jollibee nga nagagalit tayo pag hindi satisfied sa service.”

Bace Productions

Angel Selorio-Luy, of Bace Productions, said they were only informed that Buendia was not feeling well on the day of the event.

“We never talked to Ely when he arrived as his manager told us he needs to rest to prepare for the event (the concert),” she said through Facebook Messenger on Monday.

“Whatever happened to Ely's performance is out of our control. We delivered what we have promised, to bring in the artists and let them perform,” the organizer said.

But it is not only ticket buyers who are complaining, but the media company they contacted to carry their advertisements for the concert in exchange for some VIP tickets.

In a comment to a crowdsourced reactions to the concert, Guillermo P. Torres Jr. of the University of Mindanao Broadcasting Network and Mindanao Times wrote, "Sponsor kami. Bigay sila VIP-Compli tickets. Pag punta ng anak ko and his friends, hindi pinapasok sa VIP section kasi Ex-Deal daw tickets nila. W%@#…? Bakit pa bigay sila VIP tickets? Di ba alam ng producer that the ex-deal is a payment of their ads in our FM station and newspaper? Epic fail daw si Ely Buendia".

City’s move

Councilor Alejandre, who also chairs the tourism and beautification committee of the city thinks that the city has to take action.

“The council shall revisit and strengthen points for the issuance of the City Mayor’s Permit to grant events here,” he said during the same interview.

“Dabawenyos deserve quality concerts,” the councilor added.

Buendia’s voice

On Saturday March 10, as Buendia climbed the stage to sing, he announced before the crowd that he was not feeling well. “Before we begin, I just want to explain to you, I lost my voice this morning.”

In his previous concerts, the singer also raised the same excuse but as the fans adore him, he was still well-received.

Like the one posted by Facebook user Sheila Mae Pulgar Zaldua with the quote along with their photo, “Ely Buendia Concert. Super paos na kakakanta,” end of quote. The post was published on October 21, 2017 at the University of Northeastern Philippines.

Twitter user Rowel Riñon II also mirrors the same sentiment saying, “Paos na si Ely Buendia, nagsusulat pa rin ako,” he tweeted on November 9, 2016.

A contributor to SunStar Davao said he find it arrogant of Buendia when he said, "I should do more of shows like this, yung hindi ako kumakanta."