Friday , May 25, 2018

Sweet dreams

A NEW café is ready to take on the city with a refreshing look and a colorful vibe. Located on the ground floor of Northpark Building, U.N. Ave., Mandaue City, Cebu, Candiez Café is the newest hangout in town. With its eye-popping colors, one will definitely be delighted not just with the food but with the “Candy Crush” mood that makes the place alive.

Aside from the youthful and perky aura, this new café hopes to take a different angle in serving food. The café’s owner, Candy Dacanay, reinvents this hangout by infusing hope and faith with uplifting and cheerfully made meals, all conceptualized by the owner herself.

“This café was my dream way back in 2013. I wrote it in my journal. When I found my journal again, I understood that it was a sign. I started the restaurant and it was really a lot of work. With a lot of prayers as well, the dream materialized,” said Candy.

Candy, currently a mother of two, juggles her roles of being an entrepreneur and a mother at the same time. Having started with her job as a banker, Candy slowly allowed her passion for baking to take up her time until she realized that it was what she wanted to do all along.

“I love baking. It is my passion. I started selling baked goods to my colleagues and then I put up an online shop specifically for baked goods. Then I finally quit my job to pursue my passion,” said Candy.

After having quit her job as a bank teller, she proceeded to make her dream cafe come true. Amid a very long process and several obstacles, Candy and her family were able to overcome and finally opened Candiez Café in September 2017. For Candy, the café is only one of the many manifestations of her deep faith and trust in the plans of God. As a symbol of gratitude, Candiez Café stands as the first Christian Café in Cebu.

“I’m a Born Again Christian. I serve in our church and I promised Him that my business will shout His fame,” said Candy.

In fact, aside from its minimalist design paired with pop colors, the walls of the café are decorated with motivational and inspiring quotes from the Bible nourishing not only the body but also the soul.

The café does not only offer deliciously baked goods and pastries, it offers all-day meals from salads infused with a candied twist to pastas and full breakfast meals with rice. It also offers drinks like milkshakes, frappes and coffee.

This café, indeed ready to brighten one’s day, is open from Monday to Saturday from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.