Monday , June 25, 2018

Six fun things you can do in Cebu this summer

PEOPLE must have found their feet itchy, so to speak, as they are keen on travelling or just being somewhere else other than their abodes this season of the year.

One, whether or not he or she is a “lumad” (or a native Cebuano or Cebuana), must be considering celebrating summer his or her own way. He or she might want to travel and taste how it is to be outside Cebu in just a few days. But why not think it over? Have you been to all the good places in Cebu already? Look, there may be spots in Cebu that you might have overlooked, have not gone to, or worst, do not even know.

Cebu has so much to offer this summer. You just have to take your pick:

Rest and relax at five-star hotels

If you are not in the mood for strolling around Cebu City sidewalks and just want to feel cool and relaxed, there are gorgeous hotels in Cebu where you can check in as a family or solo. Most hotels are just a cab ride away from the Mactan-Cebu International Airport.

Take a plunge at white beaches, waterfalls and discover islands

Why look for other beaches and islands to get those tan lines and get sun-kissed when you can have them right in the comfort of our own place? Feel the heat of the summer sunshine in great beaches and waterfalls in the towns located in the northern and southern parts of Cebu. Cebu’s famous islands such as Malapascua, Bantayan, Olango, Sumilon, among others, have established businesses that offer island-hopping experiences and kayaking sessions you will never forget. Since these places would take a longer travel time, it’s best to ride a bus at the terminals in the city. If you go there with your friends or family, you can hire a private transportation.

Explore ancient and historical spots

If you are good in world or Philippine History because of the books you’ve read or places you’ve travelled to, you might as well want to master the history in your locality. There’s quite a long list of historical spots in Cebu City alone.

Dine out at popular restaurants

Food is everybody’s favorite. You surely don’t want to starve yourself as you enjoy the great spots in the Queen City of the South. Ready your palate with the cuisines from across the countries such as Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Persian food, among others. In case you dine out with someone not from Cebu, dare not to let him or her go home without tasting Cebu’s Lechon.

Stroll around the malls and department stores

If you simply want to be outdoors for a day, even just for a couple of hours—because you want to escape from the humid air of your house—going to the malls may be your appointment of choice. It won’t cost you much especially if you avoid impulse buying.

Play at a famous adventure or sports spot

Why look for adventure and sports in other regions when you can have fun here in Cebu? You don’t need to spend so much to be away from home just to have fun escapades. You can conquer your fear of heights when you can experience the feeling of floating up in the air with ziplines here in Cebu. Adventures parks are all over; you just need to look. (Contributed by Jicel Reve S. Gabriel)