Thursday , June 21, 2018

Panaspulan Strawberry Festival kicks off

LA TRINIDAD, Benguet -- Politicians seeking post in the upcoming May elections will be invited to join the upcoming 35th Panaspulan Strawberry Festival.

Local and National Politicians will be invited during the festivities but will not be included as one of the speakers, according to Mayor Edna Tabanda.

“We will surely invite local and national politicians but we will make sure that they will not be part of the programs. We do not want them to be the highlight of the event. They can join the festivities, pero wala nang special speeches para sa kanila,” Tabanda told Sun.Star Baguio.

Tabanda added the festival is for the people of the municipality to enjoy so they must enjoy it free from politicking.

“If they will visit they can do their campaigns later, kasi hindi natin maiiwasan yan, but we will make sure na sa mismong mga program ng Panaspulan ay hindi sila mangangampanya,” Tabanda stated.

The Strawberry festival was launched on Thursday, February 18 and will run until March 30.

The month-long celebration will feature music competitions, fun run, job fair, motocross event, dog show and pageant.

The highlights of the festival will be the search for biggest and sweetest strawberry and the street dancing and mini float parade.

Business establishments in the capital town are expected to join the mini float parade including the municipality’s 16 barangays.

“This year, our mini float parade will include business establishments not just barangays, this will ensure that all will join the festival,” Tabanda added.

Tabanda said the festival will feature not just an improved float parade but an improved Panaspulan.

The month long celebration of the festival will feature a lot of fun activities.

This includes February 18, Kapihan (Press Conference); February 27, Valley Clean-up Drive; March 4, Ecumenical Service and Opening Program, Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and Opening of the Strawberry Lane and Agro-Industrial Trade Fair; March 6, Strawberry Glam Jam; March 8, International Women’s Day; March 7 to 28,Art and Photo Lane (with coloring, hand painting, and solar painting activities); March 11, Battle of the Bands; March 12, Strawberry Fun Run, Duting tan Dukto, Strawberry Fest Motocross, Concert at the Park; March 15, Job Fair; March 16, Strawberry Baking and Pastries Competition; March 17, Dog Show, Search for the Biggest and Sweetest Strawberry Fruit, Flower Arrangement Contest, Mr. and Ms. La Trinidad Pre-Pageant; March 18, Civic Parade, Main Program, Kekkan, Multi-cultural celebrations and Owik tan Tayao, Sisterhood Signing with Guam; March 19, Procession in honor of St. Joseph, Street Dancing, Mini-Float Competition, and Drum and Lyre Competition, Barangay Night, Strawberry Punch; March 20, La Trinidad Got Talent, Strawberry Speed Fest; March 22, 2nd Valley of Colors Circuit Tour; March 21 to 25, 1st La Trinidad SME Convention; March 26, Strawberry MMA; March 27, Dart Wars; March 28, Mass Wedding and Renewal of Vows, Coronation Night – Mr. and Ms. La Trinidad; March 29, Search for the Cleanest and Greenest barangays and schools, Culminating and Awarding Program.

The Agro-Industrial Trade Fair and Best Barangay Booth Competition will run from March 1 to 31.