Friday , May 25, 2018

Halo-halove it!

WHAT ingredients make up the newest halo-halo favorite in the city?

The sweetest taste of the freshest banana, jackfruit and mangoes, all in one cup together with the mouthwatering ube-flavored ice cream, crushed grahams, rice crisps, chocolate or strawberry-flavored syrup and many other ingredients. This is the kind of treat that Monbis’ halo-halo serves its customers.

Halo-halo, a popular Filipino dessert, has been satisfying one’s sweet tooth after meals. It is usually a mixture of shaved ice, evaporated milk, boiled sweet beans, jello and fruits. It can easily be prepared and it is also a hit. Thus, many establishments have added this dessert in their menus—distinguishing regular and special.

But for Monbis’, its halo-halo is always special. Even those who are not a fan of the iced dessert will surprisingly crave for it once in a while.

Monbis’ is a growing but humble business. It is owned by a man named Edmond Baltazar Jr., whose business partner is no other than his wife, Bambi (reason for the name, Monbis’). Just the thought of this couple handling their own business passionately takes out all the wonder why their halo-halo is the sweetest treat ever. Aside from that, here are three other reasons one should try Monbis’ halo-halo:

The halo-halo master. Not only does one get to experience luscious taste that takes one to seventh heaven but also, one gets to witness the effort and passion of Edmond, the owner himself, preparing the dessert as if one is watching a live food show.

Halo-halo extra special. Monbis’ halo-halo started out about two years ago. With the family’s love for food, Bambi thought of putting out all possible ingredients that would make up the perfect halo-halo. It started out as an experiment but the product boomed. Ever since the family started the business, they have been innovating until they come up with that final and perfect taste—and with special ingredients that no other establishments serving halo-halo has ever come up.

Satisfied cravings, satisfied pockets. When wanting to satisfy one’s craving, one would always think about the budget and when one’s pocket cries, there is no other option but to kiss one’s cravings goodbye. But Monbis’ halo-halo satisfies both the cravings and the pockets. With only P65, one can indulge in the nectarous taste of a Pinoy’s favorite dessert.

Monbis’ halo-halo at Tisa, Labangon, Cebu City has been the latest guilty pleasure of many. And this summer, the best way to cool one’s mood is to get a scoop of halo-halo. Daryl Kate Dizon