Thursday , April 26, 2018

Foodtrip highlights local entrepreneurs

WHAT DOES the iconic home-grown, Solibao Restaurant, and a small sidewalk stall selling desserts have in common?

The woman behind Solibao, Zenaida Cating dishes out hundreds of her signature Puto Bungbung shakes a day while small time streetside vendor Clarita Castillo, makes a minimum of 50 cups of ginataan and lelot balatong everyday.

A milkbrand makes both ladies so different in stature and profession find a common denominator in their lives, using the leading, Alaska milk, in their respective stores and making their chosen audience happily satisfied.

Both swear, the milk brand has been tried and tested for years and is a mainstay in their kitchens.

Weeks ago, Baguio was part of the Alaska Halo-Halong Sarap at Saya Festival featuring local entrepreneurs in nationwide event aiming to empower small businesses.

Blen Fernando, marketing Director for Alaska Milk Corporation said the project started almost a decade ago with the aim to seek small struggling businesses which highlight local delicacies made with Alaska Evaporada, Alaska Condensada and Alaska Crema All-Purpose Cream.

Fernando said the event converges local businesses which are mostly spearheaded by housewives who want to help augment the family income.

Fernando added the company plans to gather all recipes made by the women behind the past ten years and present it into a book in celebration of the lives touched by the annual event.

The event this year has 60 areas nationwide dubbed as the “Alaska Halo-Halong Sarap at Saya Festival 2016” experience.

Fernando said the event gives a chance for these women to have a chance to have a technical skills developed as well as a venue for networking.

The event featured food trip local stores like Happy Tummy, Dad’s Place, Bokawkan, Magic Oven and Tuno- tuno, Engr’s Hill. (PR)