Saturday , May 26, 2018

The Librewry Café: Study, create, chill

READING and studying require a conducive area for one to be able to concentrate.

For some, a clean and solemn place will do, but for others, it won’t suffice. The need to fill the gut or nibbling on something is something that comes with reading or studying.

It hasn’t been long since many thought of fusing a study place where one can eat, drink and just chill. In fact, in less than a decade, these kinds have mushroomed in the Capital now reaching to other metropolis and highly urbanized cities outside the bustling northern metro.

With that, the Kagay’anons who would want some options to places like these outside the comfort of their homes have found one in the city kick started by some creative and innovative young entrepreneurs Philip Rhobert Flores, Kyna Mori Flores-Chan, Matthew Bonn Chan, Kevin Jim Rivera and Kendric Kynan Flores.

The desire to impart to others their dreams and aspirations to bring such lived experience to Kagay’anons which had been an idea 10 years ago has now become a reality as Librewry Café opened at Casa Azzuri building on Don A. Velez street between Hayes and Chavez streets.

When Kyna Mori Flores-Chan was still a college student, she had this feasibility study of putting up this kind of place.

“My brother finally decided on having a coffee shop, so I told him the idea. After that, we asked a friend to be a partner so that we could somehow deal with the investment easier. And then, while thinking about the concept, I raised to them about my feasibility study back in college. The first concern of the idea was that others might think that we developed the idea of a “study nook” but I really insisted that it wasn’t because we will be serving coffee, sweet treats, sandwiches, and rice bowls,” Kyna said when asked how did they come up with the twist of the café.

The place doesn’t only offer a lone time while studying because it has a place where group studying can be done. The place also has a lot of book offers where one can choose the various genres to read while enjoying the ambiance and comfort at its finest.

The place doesn’t only give that comfort one wants, but it also embodies social entrepreneurship which identifies the problem in the society then target it.

“The first problem we see is education since we promote studying here and achieving better grades for the students. Second, we’ll be supporting local coffee farmers in Mindanao. Our coffee comes from these local, small scale farmers in Mindanao who tend to their coffee beans with much care,” said Kyna explaining on the various reasons of establishing Librewry Café.

Kyna and his brother, Philip, are both advocates of youth empowerment, thus, the desire to create an engaged youth in an engaged community at Librewry. At the café, the owners post possible opportunities for the youth hanging out there.

At Librewry Café, it’s more than just a café and a study area, business brews as well. It’s about creating a culture – where everyone is a family willing to do well in whatever they do to contribute in the betterment of the city and the country as well.