Monday , June 25, 2018

Limlingan: The Samboy Lim Law

RECENTLY, Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) player Gilbert Bulawan passed away after collapsing during a team practice in Quezon City. The Blackwater Elite player was only 29 years old when he succumbed.

In 2014, retired PBA star player Avelino "Samboy" Lim suffered cardiac arrest in an† exhibition game in Pasig City and had been comatose for a month. Doctors who attended to Lim said that the damage to his body could have been minimized if only he was given Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation or CPR.

Both basketball players could have had different fates if only they were given the CPR after being seen with the first signs of heart problems. However, even if someone saw in them respectively the symptoms but have no background on CPR, they would experience the same conditions.

Sadly, the knowledge in giving CPR to those in dire need is never given importance in the country as people are perhaps never aware of its importance to health.

CPR is an emergency procedure applied to someone whose heart stopped beating. Basic CPR is simple as it requires hands pumped on the chest of the human body to keep enough oxygen and blood flowing to the brain.

Once oxygen, carried through blood failed to reach the brain, it may result of instantaneous death or the person suffering such shall be in comatose.

One of the effective ways of keeping oxygen going to the brain is through CPR using the hands, without much effort and is inexpensive. It's a simple procedure that can be easily taught to people. In addition, basic CPR does not involve mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and can be performed even by young kids.

At present, there is a House Bill 6204 with its upper house version, Senate Bill 3204 that is about to lapse into law by next week.

The said legislation provides for an act that requires basic education students to undergo age-appropriate basic life support or CPR training.

Under the same, it shall be mandatory for all students to be given CPR training with such being made part of the basic education curriculum.

It was passed by Congress last May 23, to be signed by former President Benigno Aquino III who opted to have it unsigned and lapse into a law. Health authorities and practitioners are much confident that the legislative measures shall mature into a law that will make ordinary people become life-savers once they be given knowledge on CPR.

Since we are talking about people's lives, the said piece of legislation should be made into a law and should not remain as such. Implementation of the same is needed with massive information dissemination to the public should be undertaken.

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