Thursday , June 21, 2018

Custodio: Challenge accepted

WE NORMALLY just go do our own thing as each day passes.

We just do the drill, most of the time, mindlessly because it is what we usually do anyway. We are comfortable in our own safety zones, not really thinking about going outside the box. We mind our own business and hope for the best.

That way, we get more things done without having to risk life, limb, emotions, and whatever else we stand to lose when we risk traversing a road less travelled. Less discomfort. Less stress.

We live in our own happy bubble and although life may throw us an occasional challenge, in the grand scheme of things, our lives for the most part are actually okay.

There is really nothing wrong with choosing play safe. Going through our lives with the least resistance is not bad at all. We may not have chosen to live on the edge while screaming “you only live once,” but certainly, we can quietly live as opposed to merely existing.

So, there is really nothing to be embarrassed about as we are all free to choose to live as we see fit. However. We have to admit too, there are times when we are forced to break away from the routine. When we need to do something totally “not us.”

There are times in our lives when we are pushed to do unprecedented things, just because certain situations call for it. We may feel that we have been pushed against a wall and feel duty- bound to engage. We may feel a bit disconcerted and tentative about doing it, but most of the time we choose to do it anyway, because it is for our own good, and probably for our loved ones too.

In the shadow of irresoluteness, we step out and do the brave thing. Because it is right and because it is good for us. We may be scared. We may wonder endlessly if our decisions are right. But when that voice inside us speaks, we know in our hearts what we needs to be done.

We know what we have to do. All we need is to find that strength to take the first step towards a different direction. We need to be stronger and braver. Think clearer. See things better. We need to be vigilant but calm.

The Friday Explosion has left us all in shock and wallowing in deep sadness. It has been more than 10 years since the bombings at the Davao Airport and Sasa Wharf.

Now the wounds and anguish have resurfaced again as our peaceful city experiences the aftermath of what happened at the Roxas Night Market. It does not help at all that there are “negatrons,” individuals who seem to take pleasure at witnessing such tragedy befalling the people of Davao City. They mock and laugh at this dreadful incident like they have no hearts. They seem to take pleasure in their twisted notion of victory --that is, discrediting the President for his efforts towards peace while gloating and poking fun at the city and its citizens that he served and continues to love.

It is a sad, sad thing. We can sit and feel sorry and angry all day but we know that it will not help. We need to man up, stand up and be brave to just go on. We have been through worse times and we have yet to be proven that we are losers in this battle of survival. We need to rise above our fears and continue on with our lives, but wisely, and with extra care.

In every challenge that we face, whether as part of a whole community, or in our personal lives, we know that when it is time to make that extra effort, we can do it. In times like this, we can become our bravest selves.

In tragedies like this, we are the most united against the common goal of looking out for each other and keeping everyone safe, In times like this, we put our best foot forward, lift up our most fervent prayers to God and express our most unwavering support to those who unselfishly given their time, effort, blood, sweat and tears to make things okay. It is during times like this that we are most united. It is during times like this that we value the peace and order our City has fought tooth and nail for, most. It is during times like this when we realize real courage and discover who we really are and what we are truly made of.

We have been challenged to rise above such awful adversity. Stay Strong Davao, we will get through this together!