Saturday , May 26, 2018

Good local taste

INDULGING in Filipino food does not necessarily include a whole lot of pizzazz for one to enjoy it. From the flavors down to the presentation and the wafting scent of the finished product, it already leaves a lasting impression to most.

That is what awaits would-be diners at the newly opened Filipino buffet restaurant Sugbufé. Fitted with the assertion of good food and great memories, it promises its patrons a dining establishment with hearty servings of authentic, homemade Filipino dishes (mostly Cebuano dishes) just the way the locals like it.

Straying from the typical bahay kubo concept, the interior of the restaurant poses a more modern and sophisticated face from the dining setting to the light fixtures and “patio” vibe setup. Built with contemporary fashion, it works in harmony with its native-like details spruced all over the place. The space alone houses at least 150 people plus a function room that can accommodate 60 guests fit for special occasions.

It’s open during lunchtime, merienda cena and dinner serving dishes like lengua estofado, balbacua, calderetang kanding, dinuguan, turon, ngohiong, pinakbet sugbu, callos and lechon, which the restaurant roasts and is available during dinner hours. Apart from that, it has a grilled station, an assortment of appetizers and desserts including a make-your-own-halo-halo area.

With the endeavor to be a restaurant that embodies the Cebuano culture, it’s not only a place where good food is enjoyed but also a place where support of local products and the intention to broaden people’s insights about Filipino culture and heritage is practiced. Like the support of hablon weaving as it will soon be carrying products made with hablon. In the humanitarian aspect, the restaurant welcomes persons with disabilities to be part of its workforce.

Sugbufé is located at M. Logarta St., Subangdaku, Mandaue City and open from Mondays through Saturdays.