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Grooming dogs

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Grooming dogs

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

BACOLOD. A new poster boy under the kennel group of Alan Francis Ang.

DOGS are adorable creatures and they deserve homes that would not only feed them, provide them with affection, but also bath them correctly!

Yes, loving your fur babies requires a detailed attention on how to properly clean their ears, wash their bodies, and pamper them with an assortment of bathing essentials that they can truly enjoy.

When it comes to cleaning dogs, Cutz and Cuddles Dog Grooming in Villamonte, Bacolod City has mastered the basics and complexities, ranging from small to medium to large breeds.

Every dog owner should pay attention even to the minutest detail that may cause a big deal to the condition of your pet. That is why grooming isn’t only for beautifying, but more importantly, keeping them clean and sanitary.

Alan Francis Ang is a hands-on fur parent to his increasing number of pack. Diamond Dogs Kennel has imported these whole line of huskies from Thailand to breed and give better options for owners in Bacolod City without the stress of transacting online with breeders camps in Manila or abroad.

Dexiden was also established on the side to produce different lines of dachschunds: long coat blue based, dappled and of course, the dashing looking black dachschund.

Ang believes in the principle of making his hobby as a source of income.

On his part, he gets to enjoy, manage everyday stress, and explore the business potentials of breeding.

This Year of the Dog, if you are looking for a sign to get one or a pair maybe, then this is it. Oh, what joy these furbabies bring!

Published in the SunStar Bacolod newspaper on March 06, 2018.

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