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Trinidad: Angel numbers

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Trinidad: Angel numbers

Thursday, April 14, 2016

APRIL is tax month.

Considering our penchant for finishing things at the last minute, I’m sure a lot of you were up all night last night, crunching numbers.

Speaking of numbers, did you know that certain numbers or combination of numbers hold particular significance when you notice them repetitively?

Say for example you notice 1:11 on your watch or your device when you first wake up, then you see this again on the plate number of the car ahead of you, then maybe again on a receipt handed to you. This would be a clear sign your Angels are communicating with you.

Often, people who pray lose hope when they think that their prayers are not being heard. Their prayers are always heard, they just fail to see the signs that the Angels are communicating with them, repetitive numbers being one of these signs.

Take the number 111. This is a very important Angel reminder that your thoughts are manifesting rapidly. When you see this number frequently, become aware of the thoughts you are thinking.

Are they positive? Do they fill you with dread? Do your thoughts uplift you or make you worried? Choose to think positively so the positive unfolds for you.

This is a direct reminder that the Law of Attraction is at play, so think of what you want, not what you don’t want. Seeing the number 111 is Michael Losier- Reset time.

Another very good number is 8. 88,888 are numbers pertaining to abundance and prosperity. The number 8 is also the sign of infinity.

We particularly encourage our clients to have the money combination crystals wrapped in a certain bill with special serial numbers for more money, bigger amounts. Works like a charm.

778 is for the Midas touch, as detailed by Doreen Virtue. Chiara and I completed Doreen’s workshop in Australia in 2012, and up to now, we are the only 2 Angel Intuitives in the entire Philippines.

168 in Angel numbers means that you need to “use only positive words to describe and think about money.”

For the Chinese, 168 means path to prosperity. 444 is the number the Chinese dread because it sounds like death, death, death. In angel number significance, 444 means you are surrounded by Angels, do not be afraid!
I am particularly fond of the number 12:12.

We were on the bus bound for Manila, intending to catch a crucial 7:00 p.m. flight. At 5:00 pm, I was near tears, we were stuck in traffic in Balintawak. The bus driver said it was impossible for him to get to the station in 2 hours and he suggested for us to take a cab instead. I was not really that hopeful, considering we had only an hour in bumper-to-bumper traffic to get to the airport before boarding closed.

I remember the numbers written in white below the window of the passenger seat. 1212 were the ending numbers. It meant do not be afraid, release your fear, and focus on your purpose. By some miracle, we got to the airport 10 minutes before boarding closed. This was for our flight to Australia for the Angel Intuitive workshop.

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Published in the Sun.Star Baguio newspaper on April 15, 2016.

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