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Trinidad: Are Angels real?

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Trinidad: Are Angels real?

Thursday, August 18, 2016

ONE night, many years ago, before the invention of the laptop, I came across this internet site that asked the question, are Angels real?

It was past midnight; everyone was asleep and I was alone in the study room.

Intrigued, I continued to read, and the next question asked was if I wanted to feel the presence of Angels. The site went on to say that I would feel goose bumps all over, from the bottom of my feet to the top of my head.

And I felt exactly that: my hairs rising all over, as if an electric current surrounded me! It was my first time to feel this-- I was more familiar with the hairs rising at the back of my neck in scary situations, so I freaked out and ran to our room.

Inside, I was still tingling all over, but after a moment’s analysis, I realized it wasn’t a scary feel; I was just startled by the novelty.
I went back to the study and continued to read.

“Ask us for a sign”, the site said. “Ask us for a sign that we hear you, and that we are real.”

I asked that a butterfly land on a specific leaf on the tree outside our bedroom window. I thought it would be an easy thing, I always saw butterflies in the small field at the back of our house.

So for the first few days, I would perch at the edge of our bed, looking outside the window, waiting for the butterfly.

Sometimes I waited for a few hours.

I learned a vital thing about butterflies. They prefer to land on the flowers, not on leaves. The tree outside the room had no flowers, so it would really take a supernatural force to have the answer to my prayer.

After this observation, I kind of accepted it was going to be almost impossible to have my specific request answered, but I was still hoping somehow, that it would come true.

A few months later, we needed to have renovations done at the house. I called up our carpenter neighbor, and he said he was on his way. To check if he was, I went upstairs to our bedroom and looked out the window (the window overlooks the road where the carpenter would be coming from).

From the corner of my eyes, I noticed this big bluish black shimmery butterfly heading towards the tree outside our room.

My mouth was agape, I held my breath. I felt the familiar goose bumps, from my legs to the top of my head. I felt tears rolling down my cheeks.

The butterfly landed exactly at the leaf I had specified. It fluttered its wings twice, almost in slow motion, as if bowing to me, and making sure I realized that this was the answer to my request, my prayer.

I have never doubted again that Angels are real. And that they hear us.

I have tried to access this specific Angel site again but have not been successful. There are literally thousands of sites about Angels and Angel signs, and even typing the keywords have not yet led to this one.

One of my most awe-inspiring Angel experiences (there have been many), involved my two youngest kids.

They were the only ones home then, and I was extremely concerned when they called us up. I immediately went home, and they told me about a strange presence in the upstairs shower room. Divya said something grabbed her leg when she was showering. When it was his turn, Byren said something hit him when he was getting ready to shower. They were both very scared, I was too. This would be our first paranormal experience in our house.

By then, Aa had arrived; he peeked into the shower, and said there was something in there- he felt his hairs rising all over.

We both went to check. When I touched the shower knob, I got electrocuted! The heater had malfunctioned! I was so glad that I had my shoes on, and although I was in pain, I was beyond grateful my kids had been spared. The tiles were wet-- they were the only 2 in the house—I shudder to think about the tragic possibilities. I could only imagine the “what-ifs” if the Angels had not been there to get the kids out of the shower.

There have been other experiences as well, Chiara meeting Archangel Uriel in a dream, our clients feeling the Angels’presence in our workshops, Aa seeing a glowing lady in white after a near-fatal accident in Binalonan, the now familiar goose bumpy-all-over feeling that reminds me of that first Angel hug…

There is a crystal for actual Angel experiences. This green crystal has shimmery silver-white markings that resemble Angels’ wings. Another of our favorite crystals attracts Angels to the home, and helps to create sacred space.

For Angel crystals and our next Angel Connection workshop, visit us at #29 Sari-sari Section, Baguio City Market. Check out our website at

Published in the Sun.Star Baguio newspaper on August 19, 2016.

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