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Trinidad: Celestite

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Trinidad: Celestite

Thursday, June 02, 2016

I REMEMBER the first time we encountered the Celestite. This was when we were first starting in the crystal business eight years ago. I had read about its properties and fell in love with it even before holding one in my hands.

Legend has it that Celestites were formed by a choir of angels. They have a subtle but powerful uplifting energy, bringing about peace of mind, calmness and serenity. Celestites also aid in connecting to one’s angels. Of course, everyone is always surrounded by their angels, but having the Celestite nearby heightens their intuition, and makes them more attuned to Angel guidance and Angel signs.

The Celestite, placed in a particular corner in the home, invites helpful people into one’s life. They can be mentors, employees, sponsors, heavenly and human angels. Celestites also encourage family members to become more cooperative in the home. Combine the Celestite with a dendrite in the helpful people corner for stability. With Moonstone, Celestites encourages peaceful travel.

Again, we have to emphasize that crystals have to be awake to fulfil their potential. It is no use buying a crystal and wearing it or putting it in the home if it is not aware of what it is supposed to be for. Like we always say in our workshops, if crystals were awake the moment they were mined, then the miners who have the yellow sapphires and the citrines should be the wealthiest already. This is not the case.

Back to our Celestite story. So after reading about the Celestite all those years ago, Chiara and I went to a crystal specialty shop in Chinatown, Manila, intending to purchase a piece. The one they were giving us for Php 400 was hardly bigger than a fingernail, and less than a milimeter thick. As much as we wanted to, we did not feel good about purchasing it. The price was just too high for the teeny weeny piece which we know got chipped off from its original cluster. Although the Celestite sliver was the blue shade written about, we had to pass on this piece.

About a week later after that incident, a crystal importer we were accidentally introduced to called us up. He had a shipment that just arrived and he asked if we could come over. We chose four big boxes without knowing what was inside those boxes. And guess what? Three of those boxes were full of Celestites!

We sold one extremely large cluster about the size of a plate and three inches tall for just P4000.00! This piece had so many points, a thousand fingernail-pieces would not even be a quarter of its size!

Every time I remember this incident, I have that goose-bumpy happy feeling of having ordered a crystal from the universe, and having it delivered in abundance.

Over the years, Celestites have become harder to find. Our crystal supplier has long changed business, and we have to travel out of the country every so often to look for a source. Unlike fruits, which are harvested every few months, all crystals take a long time before they are replenished. Crystals take hundreds, even thousands of years to form, and when they are mined out of a certain area. It will take several generations before they come out again.

For awakened Celestites and where to place them, visit us at 29 Sari-sari Section, Baguio City Market. Check out are website at

Published in the Sun.Star Baguio newspaper on June 03, 2016.

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