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Trinidad: The fortune of your main door

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Trinidad: The fortune of your main door

Thursday, March 31, 2016

IF YOU’VE been having a spate of bad luck lately, -- illness, accidents, relationship problems, projects that don’t push through, appliances that break down -- and you weren’t born year of the Monkey, Tiger, Pig, or to a lesser degree, year of the Snake; you should look at the direction you face when you go out of your main door.

Generally, the direction you face when you exit your main door and the sector of the house where it is located (west, south, etc), would spell whether or not the year would be smooth or troubled for the occupants in your home, office, or building. There are degrees to consider too. If the main door faces an unlucky direction, and the person sleeps in an unlucky sector, the chances are doubled for that person to meet with some form of negative luck or another.

Northeast is the direction of misfortune this year. People who are sickly should also not sleep in a room that is in the northeast for this year. Chances for recovery in this bedroom would be slim. North is the direction of robbery and violence for this year.
We had a client whose home had so many door and entryways.  

The night before we visited their place, Chiara dreamt of a large house. A soft gentle breeze kept circling around the place but could not go in. There was also a large Santa Clause and a gazebo in her dream. Chiara told me the next morning the place we were going to had good chi or energy, it just did not know how to get in.

I was not really surprised when we saw the large Santa Clause beside one of the doors. There were a lot of entrances, more than six, each door with its own pathway. The main door they were using was not clearly marked. There was a beautiful door at the front of the house, but it had been boarded up from the inside. The one we passed through was a side door that opened to a bedroom.

The gazebo that Chiara dreamt of was missing. The owner said there used to be one where Chiara saw it, but it had been demolished to make way for another entrance.
Why so many door, we asked? They replied that they wanted to face the lucky directions and avoid the unlucky directions when the year changed. They also said they were willing to break down a wall and pass by what would constitute a maze in order to face the positive direction for the coming year.

We told them they were taking it to the extremes. Unlucky directions can be cured by placing the element that can subdue the negativity stemming from there. The energies at the lucky directions could also be harnessed by placing the element to enhance these. Our advice: keep the doors best suited to them, and just cure or enhance this door just before the Chinese New Year starts.

Aside from placing the cure to subdue the unlucky energies influencing a main door, or the enhancer to harness the energies of the lucky directions, here are some tips to invite positive energy through your doorway.

1. Make sure your entryway is clean and uncluttered. Remove trash around the area; never store broken down appliances or items that no longer work near your door.

2. Doors should open inwards, not outward.

3. Don’t block the entrance. If the door does not open fully, this could also translate into blockages and delays.

4. Doors should open smoothly. Oil the hinges so they don’t creak when you open them.

5. The main door should not open directly to the backdoor, a bathroom door or a bedroom door.

6. Generally, main doors should be brightly lit, except when it is in an unlucky direction.

To find out if your door faces a lucky or unlucky direction, or how to cure your main door if it faces an unlucky one, visit us at 29 Sari-sari Section at the City Market. 

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Published in the Sun.Star Baguio newspaper on April 01, 2016.

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