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Trinidad: 15 degrees difference between laziness and success: A Feng shui analysis

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Trinidad: 15 degrees difference between laziness and success: A Feng shui analysis

Thursday, January 05, 2017

ONE of our earliest Flying Stars Feng Shui clients is based in Pangasinan. She had her Bazi reading with us. She's a yin earth person, showing friends in her chart. One of the businesses that would be her shortcut to success was a travel agency.

She already had one which was doing okay, but she did not really feel passionate about it. More often than not, she was out of town. She stayed at her office a few days in a week, and was often here in Baguio for days at a time. She still managed to close deals, though.

Knowing now that the agency was a very fortunate business for her, she decided to focus on making it boom.

Chiara, Aa and I travelled to Pangasinan to check on her site. We arrived past 9 p.m. All shops were closed already, but she reopened when we got there.

Initial observations: her travel agency was well located, being right at the commercial district. Layout was okay, she occupied a power position. It already had the potential to boom, but she was hardly ever there.

We assessed her floor plan, checked the directions and took note of what was inside and outside her office. Then we drove back to Baguio.

After calculating the charts of her agency, we suggested for her to transfer her glass door entrance so that it opened to the current prosperity direction. Aa adjusted the angle of her office table by more or less 15 degrees, so that it now also faced current prosperity.

Before it was angled, the direction her table faced was laziness. That would explain why she was hardly ever at her office, feeling lazy.

She called us up right after initiating our suggestions. Immediately after moving the door, placing the enhancers and angling her table, she closed a travel deal for 22 people.

Her stream of clients has been constant ever since. We hardly ever see her. She says people marvel that she's in her office all the time.

With the changes in place, others wonder if hers is a new business that managed to magnet their attention.

Our client says she herself could not understand her commitment and desire to be at her office, or her new found passion for the travel industry business.

Who would have known? Fifteen degrees was the difference between laziness and success.

Published in the Sun.Star Baguio newspaper on January 06, 2017.

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