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Water is life and so our beautiful Lake Pinamaloy

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Water is life and so our beautiful Lake Pinamaloy

Thursday, January 21, 2016

CAGAYAN DE ORO. Lake Pinamaloy is Don Carlos town’s pride where anyone can enjoy this beautiful place and appreciate the wondrous works of God. (Contributed photo)

THERE are more things to talk about the booming town of Don Carlos, Bukidnon. And its famous Lake Pinamaloy – a 60-hectare inland body of water located right within the town proper’s vicinity is definitely one of them.

To innocent children, the enchanted lake and its surroundings are like vast playground they could enjoy with so organic natural amenities that can be seen in fantasy movie like Alice in Wonderland.

To lovers, its lush green fields command serenity that’s quite perfect for naughty rendezvous. In fact, it’s an ideal place for city-based writers as an alternative hideaway from the so-called life in the fast lane. And for the serious types, understandably comprising just a fraction of this town’s entire population. Of course, it’s a big deal for human survival being the community’s main source of potable water.

The beautiful lake of Don Carlos, which is like a guitar-shaped from the aerial view, got its name from an old fable or fairy tale story shared to the new generation.

Legend has it that once upon a time in a plain and woody place in Bukidnon, there lived a couple who had no child. They longed to have a child and so they prayed hard. One day, there came an old woman. She told them that they would soon have a child. But the child must not step on the ground. After several months, the wife delivered a lovely baby girl. They named her Pina. They gave her the abundance of life except for one thing. She was not allowed to step on the ground.

But one day, Pina went down. When she stepped on the land, it began to shake. Pools of water came out and Pina disappeared. Her parents tried to find her. They kept on calling her name – “Pina malooy ka” – a pitiful cry for Pina.

Now, the lake is called “Pinamaloy.” It is primarily the source of water in the municipality of Don Carlos. It is also where some of the church activities are being held, like the Stations of the Cross during Lenten season, special wedding ceremonies and recollections. Other occasions like batch parties during Christmas break, family bonding and dry picnic with friends and special someone are also happening here.

This place is also significant for most of the couples in Don Carlos. It has been a part of their love story. The serenity of the place helps each one appreciate God’s creation especially human life.

As one of the tourist attractions in Bukidnon, the place is being developed by the municipality. The tourism hall is aesthetically designed. It is surrounded by different variety of flowering plants. It’s also the place where tree planting and tree growing activities are usually done.

It’s a treasure that must be preserved and protected. By not preserving, protecting and conserving Lake Pinamaloy, the whole community of Don Carlos will suffer. Water is life. It must be properly utilized and managed. Managing our waste properly is the best way. Water could easily be contaminated, thereby spreading various kinds of harmful diseases. So let’s be responsible for our waste. Let’s protect life and preserve our natural resources. (Chela S. Tagud, Don Carlos Central Elementary School)

Published in the Sun.Star Cagayan de Oro newspaper on January 21, 2016.

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