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Battle of the claws

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Battle of the claws

Saturday, March 21, 2015

AS I was reading the comments on my last article, “How to Spot a Fake Hands-on Mom of Toddlers,” I began to imagine a wide-open field with the Long Clawed Team on one side and the Short Clawed Team on the other.

The mommies of the Long Clawed Team have their long, manicured, nail polished fingernails on the ready. Then the Short Clawed Team began to panic. Their short nails are no match! Desperate, they searched themselves for what they could fight with. One mom found a pacifier pinned on her blouse. Another found a plastic fairy wand in her back pocket. Another realized she is holding a soiled diaper. That made her grin widely. With the weapons that they have, the Short Clawed Team took their stance.

Seeing the new ammunitions, the Long Clawed Team called for reinforcement. “Yaya! Ambi ang dede! Palihug ko sa diapers!” The other Long Clawed Moms rushed to get plastic trucks, basketballs and even dolls.

It was a tense moment between the two opposing camps. And then… “Ma! Wiwi ko!”

It was a child of one of the mommies of the Short Clawed Team. With a sigh and a heavy heart, the Short Clawed Mom picked the child up, left the field and took the little one to pee. Seeing that they could actually interrupt without being scolded, one by one, the little ones began demanding their mother’s attention. And so one by one, the moms of the Short Clawed Team left their post.

Not to be outdone, the little kids of the Long Clawed Team did the same. One child whined, “Mommy, mik mik.” The mom glanced back to her beloved child and nodded to the yaya as permission to feed the little one. Some moms of the Long Clawed Team left their post – they don’t trust the alternate caretaker of their child, time to go.

But the other Long Clawed moms staunchly remained in their post. This is important. They have to make a stand and show to the world that they are capable of simultaneously facing battles and taking care of their kids. They glance back to their kids and seeing that they are happily playing with their yayas or Grandmas and all their needs are taken cared of, they stand tall. They mean business. “This is me. And this is ME time. I deserve to be here.”

But as they look toward the opposing side, they realize the Short Clawed moms are no longer there! They have gone back to their kids.

The crowd of onlookers was confused – the crowd that is composed of mommies who could not decide where they belong because they wear heels but have short fingernails and those that work in the day and look after their toddlers at night.

The retreat of the Short Clawed Team made the Long Clawed Team go back to their toddlers.

But who won? I don’t know. I didn’t ask the kids yet.

Who is right, who is wrong? Your opinion is as good as mine.

Why did it happen? Because one mommy pointed out things and issues that are already there in the first place? Really now.

But this is what I am going to say, dearies: I am glad that my article caught your attention. I am glad that many read it, shared it and commented on it.

The responses encompassed the full spectrum of emotions and thoughts. The article got 2,900 likes on Facebook, 24 clicked the angry button, 11 the happy button, 4 the amused button, 1 the worried button and another 1 the indifferent button, as of writing this. Some applauded and said, “spot on” while some called me an idiot. Someone told me, “super defensive man jud kaayo sila mao ingon adto ilang mga reaction” while some branded me as judgmental. Some questioned my being a writer and opined that I have wasted the column space given to me, while others called for more similar articles. To everyone, thank you.

Many might still continue to talk about this. Each of us has our own opinion on the issue. Who is right and who is wrong? Again, your opinion is as good as mine.

So there you go dearies. Cheers to motherhood!

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