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Career enhancers and killers

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Career enhancers and killers

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

MY GOOD news is that this topic is for all of us who are interested for advancement in our careers, whatever rate from ten to one we are at present.

Career means the series of jobs that a person has in a particular area of work, usually involving more responsibility as time passes. Career enhancers mean to increase or further improve the good quality, value or status of oneself, while career killers are the opposite.

These are the following career enhancers and killers which need to be addressed and challenged.

Do I allow my feelings to determine my actions? Many careers are killed because a person could not master his or her emotions and moods. Emotions are considered as undependable gauge for reality. Of course, emotions are gifts and they are important. Just imagine being in love with a person who does not emit any emotions at all. You might as well be in love with a wall. Thus, emotions should be trained and educated as well and they should be put on hold. Thinking and reason should come first and should not be clouded by emotions.

Do the failures and mistakes I make, affect or destroy my success and bright future? When we own our mistakes, process them, receive correction, accept reprimands gracefully and learn from them, then failures are now called “success.” We become stronger and wiser for the next level.

My good fortune has come and is coming! Fortune favors the prepared mind. Opportunities come but they stop at the door and enter only when they see the prepared mind is there to receive them. We refer to these people as “lucky” but not really, they are simply prepared.

What is really vital to my self-worth? Careers are killed because the person’s worth and esteem rely only on what other people think and say about her or him. What others think and say are merely their opinions and do not fully define you as a whole person. Be self-confident in doing excellently the right thing for your career advancement. Thus, you would not submit yourself to bullying.

Is my career success determined by my boss and myself? Your boss is concerned with her or his career advancement also. Although your boss and some concerned people may lend a helping hand for your professional and personal growth. But overall, your growth is your own responsibility. You have to take the initiative to do things, if you have the competence and the knowledge to do them well. Thus, the market opportunities are open for your career advancement.

Here are more sound guidelines: An economist seeks progress with compassion. A business person does not sell his/her conscience for convenience. A politician practices politics with principle. A teacher teaches with witnessing. A doctor heals with caring. A lawyer remembers that love is the fulfillment of the law. The priests, nuns and religious serve God and others without regard for acclaim or compensation.


Published in the SunStar Cagayan de Oro newspaper on May 24, 2017.

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