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Time out with Matteo

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Time out with Matteo

Thursday, November 03, 2016

Cebu’s Matteo Guidicelli ponders about home and being on the go

CEBU. Matteo Guidicelli has gone a long way from being a karting sensation to a multi-talented celebrity performer. What makes Matteo even more appealing is that while he feels the need to be on the go, he always finds his way back home. (Photo by Alfred Gregory E. Bartolome)

WHO doesn’t know Matteo Guidicelli? We’ve seen him on TV, heard his songs on the radio, read news about him and his love life — his name is everywhere.

His Cebuano roots alone make him a household name in Cebu. And being Cebuano has always been something Matteo is proud of. After all, Cebu is where he was born, and to him, it is where home is and always will be.

Matteo says it’s important to be proud to be Cebuano, and for everyone, of their roots. “I think you have to be proud of where you’re from and to never forget where you started and the people you started with,” he said.

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