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Law on fake news?

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Law on fake news?

Monday, August 14, 2017

THE power of the internet is no longer something that should be debated on.

From email messages to passive chat sessions, the internet has become a venue for almost every important activity of many of its users. Social media, for one, has broadened a lot of people’s horizons.

People get to not only socialize but also do everyday business and even office tasks. Social media, however, has also been infested with undesirable materials like fake news, which has been shared and believed by many.

Sadly, these have caused misinformation and even divisiveness. Recently, there was a move to pass a law against fake news on the internet.

Do you think a law would help curb the problem? Read what our readers think.

The Philippine government does not have the capability to regulate the virtual world. As of now, it can only send a chilling effect to the public and lessen false information being spread on the internet. An intensive collaboration is needed between the government, citizens and large social media sites by tracking and identifying trolls and fake information through media literacy in order for the law to be effective. Alfonso del Villar, 21, entrepreneur 

A law on fake news would be partly effective yet it will not be that powerful to stop such things from spreading all over the internet. In my opinion, it will only minimize fake news from going viral since not everyone abides by the law. Junyne Belcina, 20, architecture student (CIT-U)

A law regulating fake news will be beneficial for the general public but with the age of internet and high-end technology, it would be very challenging and ineffective. First, who will enforce such law? Second, anyone from anywhere can disseminate information by posting on social media. How will the enforcer verify such information/news? Lastly and most importantly, “fake news” should be clearly defined to avoid confusion. For now, it’s better to educate the netizens on responsible use of the internet. Think before you click. Mart Crister Capri, 23, architect/master plumber

Published in the SunStar Cebu newspaper on August 14, 2017.

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